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C is Collegial CS at Cornell
Without it, our workplace would simply be hell.
To those who play mean, we bid a farewell,
For we want the place to be synergic-el.

Want a contented, cheerful environment, in which synergistic cooperation thrives? Then strive to eliminate politics, remove cliques, and give everyone, young and old alike, respect and the chance to voice their opinion. And make sure that all the right hands in the department know what the left ones are doing. From the beginning in 1965, we worked to develop and maintain such an environment, with the whole faculty going to lunch and coffee together every day. And we still work at it.

Of course, we have significant arguments —thank goodness, we don’t all think alike. But these arguments generally remain technical and impersonal, and afterward the opposing parties can drink a beer together.

We are human, so there is sometimes some behind-the-back talking and gossip. And, there have been periods where ill feelings came out and hurt us. But we overcame those periods. For we know that the department that convives together thrives together.


Collegial: Characterized by equal sharing of authority. Marked by camaraderie among colleagues.