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S the field with the mundane name Systems
—with op’rating, distributed, fault-tolerant items.
It's expanded and has lots of networking problems.
CS at Cornell is one place that does solve 'ems.

One of our enduring strengths is the ability to marshal a broad, sustained response over decades, harnessing skills in both theory and practice. Many building blocks used in distributed systems trace back to our research, like the fail-stop processor abstraction, fault-tolerant broadcast, state machine replication, virtual synchrony, and failure detectors. Our products may not be huge, but the ideas used in them are. So, if you are considering a PhD in systems, think of working with:

Ken Birman, whose ISIS Toolkit runs the NY and the Swiss stock exchanges and whose ISIS-style process-group replication influenced the CORBA fault-tolerance standard.

Fred Schneider, who, with his grad student, defined safety and proved that any program property could be decomposed into a safety and a liveness property and who has been influential in fault-tolerant distributed systems including fail-stop processors and hypervisor-based fault tolerance.

Van Renesse and Birman, whose information management system Astrolabe is being used by Amazon and whose systems Horus and Ensemble influenced IBM and Microsoft products.

Gün Sirer, whose CoDoNS system has been deployed to serve the Internet domain name space for all of China.

Paul Francis, who developed Network Address Translation (NAT), which staved off the IP shortage crisis and is used in the router that hooks your home computers togeth class="gjustified style5"er, and who influenced the new Internet standard routing protocol IPv6.

This cuckinetic-clock system was designed by George Rhoads, a painter-sculptor, who also designs rolling ball machines and wind sculptures. George lives in Ithaca. See