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O: Ourselves
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O is for Ourselves, the people in CS.
Our names are given down below, fifty more or less.
That’s faculty and researchers, we left out the admins
and a lot of other staff, who are our endorphins.

Endorphins are peptides in the body that reduce pain and produce a sense of well being. Well, that’s what our staff does —the executive administrators, the human resource staff, the staff in the financial office, the staff in the undergraduate and graduate offices, the computing facilities staff, and the research staff. It takes over 50 people to support the faculty and senior researchers! Without their excellent work, this place would fall apart. Thanks, Endorphins!

The centerfold of the ABC book has pictures of the faculty and researchers in the Computer Science Department. The diagram below helps you put names to faces.

Missing pictures: Tom Coleman, Yuying Li.