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festive occasions
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Below are some events at which I spoke or sang

2011 June 23. An argument, in limerick form, calculated to change the teaching of logic.
Banquet speech, 17th Intl Symposium on Formal Methods, Limerick, Ireland.
pdf  pages      slides (keynote)   movie of slides

2011 June 3. Teaching logic to beginners.
Keynote, Third International Congress on Tools for Teaching Logic (TICTTL),
Salamanca, Spain. slides (keynote)

2010 June 25. Ober and Ober. Song for Chris Ober when
he stepped down as Interim Dean of Engineering.

2009 May. Welcome to the FLOC Systems Engineering Day 2009
--with a 3-limerick definition of the systems engineering process.

2008 Sep 13. Wedding of daughter Susan Norene Gries

2007 Oct 26. Fortieth anniversary of the Informatics Department, Munich Technical University.
doc Keynote slides.zip pdf file of keynote slides

2006 May 31. Keshava, sung at the
going-away party for Keshav Pingali.
Sung to the tune of Que sera sera.
Click here for the pdf and doc versions,
both of which have the words. Dexter
Kozen accompanied me on the guitar.

2006 Oct. ABC book. A 30-page
book providing a glimpse of the
CS Department about October
2006. Each letter begins with a
poem of sorts.


2005 Oct 01. An ABC Book, Banquet speech at the
CS Cornell 40th anniversary symposium, Here is a
134KB jpg file of the 40th anniversary banner. Here
is the 40th anniversary brochure.

2002 June. Banquet speech at ITiCSE 2000.

200 May. Banquet speech at Hartmanis's retirement conference.

1995 May. A Glimerick of hope, Banquet speech at ZUM 95 (given in Limerick, Ireland, so be prepared).

1987 Oct. Year of Programming, Banquet Speech at YOP, Austin Texas.