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F is the Future —of the field and of us.
Predictions are hard, and oft futilous —
The best I can do, the best I can say,
Is that we will continue to lead the way.

Predicting the future of computing is as hard as predicting the weather in Ithaca two hours from now. In 1957, a professional Editor predicted that data processing was a fad that wouldn’t last more than a year. In 1977, the president of DEC saw no reason why anyone would want a computer in their home (where is DEC now?). No one predicted the Internet even a year before it started. The only thing we can really say is that there will be change, and the only thing that hasn’t changed is the price of a computer —since the 1940’s, $300–$500 per pound.

Predicting the future of the department is easy. We will continue to lead in research and teaching as long as we adhere to basic principles: First, maintain a comfortable, collegial environment in which everyone can prosper. Second, hire only the best young faculty, (almost) regardless of area, and welcome them as full members of the department. Third, when the opportunity arises, hire a brilliant senior person to help move us in a desired direction. Fourth, admit only the best graduate students, for they are a vital component of the research arm