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G: Graphics —the digital kind
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G is for Graphics, the digital kind.
That we’re great in this field we need no remind.
A force in the field since ’73
Is the Prog. for C. Graphics —it’s called PCG—
The leader’s Don Greenberg, DG #1,
And Bala and Marschner join in the fun.
Five SIGGRAPH awards and five Hollywood Oscars
—go elsewhere for graphics? You’re off your rockers.

The Program for Computer Graphics was started in 1973 by Don Greenberg, with the goal to synthesize pictures that are physically accurate and perceptually indistinguishable from the real world. The group works in modeling, rendering, light reflection, and much more. Some current work involves animation and character rendering.

The PCG has been very influential. Indeed, it has garnered five SIGGRAPH awards and five Technical Oscars. The latest Oscar was given to Steve Marschner and Pat Hanrahan (of Stanford) for their model for reflecting light from skin; the model was almost instantly adopted by the film industry and was used, for example, on Gollum in Lord of the Rings.

Note: David Gries is DG #0.