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H: Honors
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H is for Honors earned by our folk.
What does an honor in others evoke?
A sense of esteem for the holder thereof.
The holder’s done something we can all be proud of.
For research, teaching, service, and more,
We’ve garnered our share of honors and more.

How about a hand for 33-year-old Jon Kleinberg, who won a $500K MacArthur Genius award in Fall 2005? His work on networks resulted, among other things, in his hubs-authorities model of networks, which influenced how search engines do their ranking.

Give a hand also to Juris Hartmanis and John Hopcroft, ACM Turing Award Winners, to Don Greenberg, Hartmanis, Joe Halpern, Gerry Salton, and Eva Tardos for really distinguished awards in their fields, and to Hartmanis and David Gries for their CRA Distinguished Service Awards.

What about Dan Huttenlocher, NY State Teacher of the Year (over all disciplines), and Gries, winner of 4 national education awards?

There are too many awards in CS to list here, but you will find them listed in our 40th anniversary booklet.

It’s important to say that the junior faculty get their share of recognition, too. Here’s one measure of that: In the past three years, 21 different faculty (out of 33) gave a total of 83 invited lectures at conferences.