CS 1112: Introduction to Computing Using MATLAB


Projects are medium-size programming assignments through which you synthesize the knowledge gained in recent weeks. You may work individually or with one partner (you may have a different partner on different projects, and you and your partner may attend different sections). It is encouraged that you work with a partner to help facilitate learning. You can expect that later projects will weigh more than early ones.

Please read and follow the programming style guidelines when working on projects:

Basic programming style

Project Due date Assignment Code/data/tips Supervisor
1 23 Feb, 11pm EST Description Basic programming style
Yashi Sanghvi
2 8 Mar, 11pm EST Part A
Part B
polarPrinter.m, FillRect.m Anirudh Narayanan
3 24 Mar, 11pm EDT Part A
Part B
FillRect.m Courtney McBeth
4 8 Apr, 11pm EDT
1314 Apr, 11pm EDT
Part A
Part B
Anirudh Narayanan
Richard Phillips
5 29 Apr, 11pm EDT Description p5files.zip Raisa Rasul
6 5/13 11pm EDT Part A
Part B
p6afiles.zip, (testP6.m)
Richard Phillips

Project submission

Submit your project files online in CMS. If you work with a partner, register your group on CMS before submitting any file. You and your partner will submit one project as a group.

Late submission is accepted up to 24 hours after the deadline. A penalty of 5% (0.5 points out of 10) will be applied. Note that even if only one file out of several in a project is late, the entire project is marked late.

Finding a partner

You will get the most out of these projects by working with a partner, especially one with a similar amount of prior programming experience. We understand it’s tricky to find partners during virtual instruction, so we recommend trying the Learning Strategies Center’s partner finding service. You may also start a partner-finding thread on our discussion board.

Academic integrity

Even though you may work with a partner, there are limits on the extent to which you may collaborate outside of your group, as well as on the kind of assistance you may solicit from other sources. Please review our academic integrity policies.


Each programming project will receive two distinct grades for the following:

You can score 0-5 on correctness and 0-5 on style, so each project is graded out of 10 points. If you work with a partner, both you and your partner will receive the same score for that project.


If you feel that the graders have incorrectly graded an assignment, you may submit a regrade request within one week of the release of the graded project:

  1. Regrade requests must be submitted online via CMS, from the assignment page.
  2. In your request, clearly specify the grading error relative to the rubric.
Please note the CS 1112 policies:

The response to your regrade request will be visible on CMS when we have finished regrading your assignment.