CS 1112: Introduction to Computing Using MATLAB


Prelim 1 Prelim 2 Final Exam

Exam conflicts and medical accommodation

  • What if you have a university-excused conflict, like an exam scheduled at the same time, or 3+ final exams in a 24-hr period? Try rescheduling the event conflicting with the CS 1112 exam:
    • Many courses already offer alternative test times. Generally, the largest course among those with the conflicting exams will offer an alternative test time.
    • If the conflicting exam is not officially scheduled (as posted on the University evening exam list), then the CS 1112 exam takes precedence.
    If your conflicting event cannot be rescheduled, please e-mail Amy Elser (ahf42@cornell.edu) with your conflict information (full exam schedule, including conflicting course numbers and instructor names) two weeks before the prelim. CS 1112 may proctor an alternative exam slot adjacent to the primary slot in order to accommodate such conflicts.
  • If you require special accommodation that is allowed by the university, you must present the official documentation to the instructor at least two weeks before the exam.
  • If you cannot take an exam due to an illness, email the instructor as soon as possible to make an alternative arrangement.

Online exams

Online exams are limited to the students away from Ithaca and those who have medical or health reasons that prohibit writing an exam in person. Online exams will be held at the same time as the in-person exam except for those students granted an alternative time due to university-recognized conflicts (including distant time zones). To the greatest extent possible, our online exam will replicate the in-person exam experience. One drawback to taking an exam online is that you will not be able to ask clarification questions during the exam. However, it is our policy that we only answer questions about an exam if it is an important enough issue that it must be announced to the entire class. If we feel the need to make such an announcement during the in-person exam then you will hear this announcement online as well.

See Canvas for online exam instructions.


Prelims are scanned and graded using Gradescope and you can use Gradescope to see our feedback. If you see a grading error—the grader mistook your correct code to be incorrect and deducted points—then please submit a regrade request on Gradescope and specify exactly what and where the grading error is. On the other hand, do not ask for a regrade if you dislike the number of points deducted—the same grading rubric was applied for all students and will not be changed.

We do not hand back final exams, so there is no way to request a regrade. To compensate, we automatically regrade final exams for students whose final grades are just below a grade boundary or whose scores are significantly lower than their prelim scores. You can review your final exam next semester by contacting Dr. Muhlberger through email and suggesting several times at which you can review the paper, from week 3 to week 6 of the semester.