CS 1112: Introduction to Computing Using MATLAB

Computer labs

Thanks to MATLAB Online, you no longer need a special computer with MATLAB installed in order to complete this course. However, if you prefer using an offline version of MATLAB and cannot install it on a computer of your own, try using a machine in one of these labs on campus.

This information may not reflect current campus conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Green Room in ACCEL, a computing facility in Carpenter Hall, supports MATLAB:

  • The Green Room is located on the 2nd floor of the former Engineering Library in Carpenter Hall.

CIT Labs

CIT Labs in the Engineering Quad have MATLAB: Carpenter Hall, Phillips Hall, and Upson Hall. Off the Engineering Quad, the North Campus labs (in APPEL and RPCC) and Surge B (on the Ag Quad) have MATLAB. You can find information on CIT labs here: