CS 1112: Introduction to Computing Using MATLAB

Getting help

Office hours

In addition to giving lectures and leading discussion sections, Dr. Muhlberger and the TAs hold regularly-scheduled virtual office hours each week. You may attend any TA’s office hours, regardless of the section you are enrolled in. A thread on our discussion board will be created for each slot in order to manage the queue. Join the Zoom meeting linked in the thread and reply to the post with your question. If you need private assistance (for example, sharing your screen to debug project code), include “(one-on-one)” in your reply; the TA will create a breakout room when your turn comes, while others can mingle in the main room.

Consulting hours

Undergraduate Consultants remember what it’s like being a student in CS 1112, and they want to help you succeed! Consulting hours are first-come, first-served. The queue for getting help opens 30 minutes before consulting hours start. To join the queue: (1) create a Zoom meeting that the course staff can join when it’s your turn; (2) log into Queue Me In using your Cornell email address, make sure that you’re in the CS 1112 class, and click “Join the Queue”; (3) you must select the category and then tags and then paste your Zoom link into the Location field and then type your question in brief; and (4) make sure that your Zoom meeting has started by the time a staff member is assigned to you!


Course staff

If you would like to make an appointment with a TA or instructor outside of scheduled office hour times, please e-mail them directly.


Curran D. Muhlberger

Office: Gates 462
Email: cdm89@cornell.edu

Teaching assistants

Anirudh Narayanan

NetID: am3246

Courtney McBeth

NetID: clm325

Raisa Rasul

NetID: rbr83

Richard Phillips

NetID: rlp246

Yashi Sanghvi

NetID: yds4