CS 1112: Introduction to Computing Using MATLAB

Course homepage (Spring 2021)

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Quick announcements

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The textbook for this course, Insight Through Computing, is available in PDF format for free from the Cornell Library.

Key dates


In-person lecture will take place in the “One World Room” in Anabel Taylor Hall (ATH B21). Students registered for LEC 001 will attend in person on alternating days (either Tuesdays or Thursdays). Seating will be pre-assigned.

In-person lab sections will take place in Upson 225 (computer lab). Seating will be pre-assigned.

Virtual lectures, labs, consulting, and office hours will be hosted on Zoom.

Exams will be administered in person in Barton Hall for all students living in Ithaca, regardless of lecture section. Remote proctoring software will be required for remote students.