CS 1112: Introduction to Computing Using MATLAB

Weekly exercises

An exercise comprises short problems that give you practice on the course topics of each week. Work collaboratively with your discussion section classmates to learn the material and complete the exercise! Exercises are released weekly on Wednesday mornings. You will usually start an exercise during discussion section and have until the end of the week to complete it. Exercises are graded mostly on effort. To get credit for an exercise, you must submit your completed work on CMS or complete the MATLAB Grader exercises as stated in the assignment description below. Unless otherwise specified, the deadline is 11pm Ithaca time on the Sunday after the exercise is assigned.

Exercise Due Date (EST/EDT) Assignment Code/Data/Tips
1 Su 2/14 11pm Exercise 1 spiral.m, convertCel2Fah.m, lab01.txt
2 Su 2/21 11pm Exercise 2
3 Su 2/28 11pm Exercise 3 Concise Boolean expressions
4 Su 3/7 11pm Exercise 4 Fibonacci.m, stepPyramid.m, DrawRect.m
5 Su 3/21 11pm Exercise 5 Matlab Grader
6 Su 3/28 11pm Exercise 6 Matlab Grader
7 Su 4/4 11pm Exercise 7 Matlab Grader
8 Su 4/11 11pm Exercise 8 Matlab Grader
9 Su 4/18 11pm EDT Exercise 9 Matlab Grader
CardDeck.m, DispCards.m
10 W 4/28 11pm EDT Exercise 10 Matlab Grader
Interval.m, Fraction.m
11 Su 5/2 11pm EDT Exercise 11 Matlab Grader
Interval.m, intervalArray.m, LocalWeather.m, ithacaWeather.txt
12 Su 5/9 11pm EDT Exercise 12 Die.m, TrickDie.m, diceGame.m
13 Fri 5/14 11pm EDT Exercise 13 Power.m, LargestTriangle.m