This chart provides a quick reference for cross-checking rules for specific requirements in the CS major.

For students matriculating to Cornell in Fall 2015 and later.

  AP Courses Allowed? Minimum # of Courses Minimum Course Level Min. Cr. Hrs. per Course CS 4999 Allowed? CS 4090 Allowed? CS 4998 Allowed? CS Course Allowed? Honors Course Allowed? s/u grade option allowed?
Engineering Distribution No 2 2000+ 3 No No No 1 only No No
Engr. Liberal Studies Yes 6 1000+ 1 No No No - No Yes
Arts Humanities/Social Sciences No 5 1000+ 3 No No No - No Yes
CS Electives No 3 4000+ (with stated exceptions) 3 No No No Required No No
CS Project Course No 1 4000+ 2 No No No Required No No
External Specialization No 3 3000+ 3 No No No No No No
Technical Electives No 3 3000+ (with stated exceptions) 3 At most 2 No No Yes No No
Major Approved No 1 1100+ 1 Yes Yes (Engineers Only)

Yes (Engineers Only)

Yes No Yes
Advisor Approved Yes 2 1100+ 1 Yes Yes (Engineers Only) Yes Yes No Yes