Workshop on Numerical Linear Algebra
July 7-9, 2005
Universidad de Cantabria, Santander, Spain
Part of the 2005 Conference on Foundations of Computational Mathematics

Organized by Lothar Reichel and Steve Vavasis

FoCM 2005 brings together mathematicians, numerical analysts, computer scientists and engineers all interested in deeper understanding of the computational process. This workshop focuses on numerical linear algebra. Special interest areas of this workshop include The FOCM plenary speaker associated with this workshop is

The confirmed workshop semiplenary speakers are

Tentative Workshop program

DAY 1 (July 7)
Block 1 [1:50-2.35] P.-A. Absil 1:50-2:12 Model-based methods for computing extreme eigenpairs of definite matrix pencils
G. Hechme 2:12-2:25 Computing Reducing Subspaces for the Discretized Navier-Stokes Model
Block 2 [2.40-3.25] A. Sidi 2:40-3:02 Approximation of Largest Eigenpairs of Matrices and Applications to PageRank Computation
S. Noschese 3:02-3:25 Eigenvalue patterned condition numbers: Toeplitz and Hankel cases
TEA BREAK [3.25-4.00]
Block 3 [4.00-4.45] V. Olshevsky 4:00-4:45 SEMIPLENARY: Structured matrices in Control, Filtering and Eigenvalue Problems
Block 4 [4.50-5.35] S. Graillat 4:50-5:12 Structured Perturbations in Scalar Product Spaces
P. Koev 5:12-5:35 Accurate Eigenvalue and QR Decompositions of Totally Positive Matrices
Block 5 [5.40-6.25] L. Cvetkovic 5:40-6:02 Contribution to the H-matrix theory and eigenvalue localization
V. Pan 6:02-6:25 Accurate solution of the classical and polynomial eigenproblems
DAY 2 (July 8)
Block 1 [1:50-2.35] A. Torokhti 1:50-2:12 Method of block-triangular partition of band matrix in constructing best estimators
K. Hayami 2:12-2:35 GMRES Methods for Least Squares Problems
Block 2 [2.40-3.25] N. Stylianopoulos 2:40-3:02 Optimal semi-iterative methods for complex SOR with tools from potential theory
E. Zhebel 3:02-3:25 A Multigrid Method for Structured Matrices
TEA BREAK [3.25-4.00]
Block 3 [4.00-4.45] H. De Sterck 4:00-4:22 Optimal Order Parallel Algebraic Multigrid Preconditioners
M. Eiermann 4:22-4:45 A Restarted Krylov Subspace Method for the Efficient Evaluation of Matrix Functions
Block 4 [4.50-5.35] S. Toledo 4:50-5:35 SEMIPLENARY: How Hyper is your Graph? On the Factor-Width of Matrices
Block 5 [5.40-6.25] S. Chandrasekaran 5:40-6:02 HSS matrices and bounded condition number discretizations of PDEs
M. Bueno 6:02-6:25 Darboux transformation with shift: Stability and sensitivity analysis
DAY 3 (July 9)
Block 1 [1:50-2.35] F. Dopico 1:50-2:12 Accurate symmetric rank revealing factorizations of some structured matrices
L. Reichel 2:12-2:35 Tikhonov regularization and orthogonal polynomials
Block 2 [2.40-3.25] P. Guerrero-Garcia 2:40-3:02 Updating and downdating an upper trapezoidal sparse orthogonal factorization
G. Heinig 3:02-3:25 TBA
TEA BREAK [3.25-4.00]
Block 3 [4.00-4.45] J. Martinez 4:00-4:22 Interpolation in the bivariate tensor-product Bernstein basis and applications to CAGD
A. Salam 4:22-4:45 Symplectic Householder Transformations, a geometric and algebraic approach
Block 4 [4.50-5.35] S. Vavasis 4:50-5:12 Solving Elliptic Finite Element Systems in Near-Linear Time with Support Preconditioners
M. Van Barel 5:12-5:35 Structures preserved by the QR-algorithm
Block 5 [5.40-6.25] D. Bini 5:40-6:25 SEMIPLENARY: Solving structured Markov chains: numerical methods and open problems
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