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An Engineering Approach to Computer Networking

by S. Keshav

ISBN 0-201-63442-2 * Hardcover * 688 pages * 1997

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Here are a set of slides (in Microsoft PowerPoint and HTML format) that cover the material in the book. The HTML was automatically generated by PowerPoint and needs a browser that supports frames. Feel free to copy and reuse this material (acknowledge me if you're feeling virtuous: I have deliberately not put my name on any of the slides).

Chapter 1: Atoms, Bits, and Networks

Chapter 2: The Telephone Network

Chapter 3: The Internet

Chapter 4: ATM Networks

Chapter 5: Protocol Layering

Chapter 6: System Design

Chapter 7: Multiple Access

Chapter 8: Switching

Chapter 9: Scheduling

Chapter 10: Naming and Addressing

Chapter 11: Routing

Chapter 12: Error Control

Chapter 13: Flow Control

Chapter 14: Traffic Management

Chapter 15: Common Protocols

Chapter 16: Protocol Implementation

The REAL network simulator