MEME -- Multiple EM for Motif Elicitation: Version 2.2

Motif discovery tool

Data Submission Form

Advanced MEME
Use this form to submit DNA or protein sequences to MEME. MEME will analyze your sequences for similarities among them and produce a description (motif) for each pattern it discovers.

Your data will be processed on the Cray T3E supercomputer at the San Diego Supercomputer Center and the results will be sent to you by e-mail.

Please enter the e-mail address where you would like your results sent:

[Optional] Please enter a brief description of your sequences.

Please enter the sequences which you believe share one or more motifs. The sequences may contain no more than 20,000 characters total in any of a large number of formats. Please enter either:
  1. the name of a file containing the sequences here:
  2. or the actual sequences here:

How do you think the occurrences of a single motif are distributed among the sequences?
One per sequence
Zero or one per sequence
Any number of repetitions

How many different motifs would you like to look for?

MEME can choose the width of each motif favoring short or wide motifs. Wide is recommended if there are fewer than 10 occurrences of any motif in your sequences. Choosing a number will cause all motifs reported to have that width.

       Brief output format:

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You might be interested in trying other motif-making programs such as BLOCK MAKER at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center .

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