The TILT Compiler Project

The TILT (or TIL-Two) Compiler Project is a joint effort between researchers at Cornell and Carnegie Mellon. The goal of the project is to produce a compiler for the ML-family of programming languages (SML'97, Caml Special Light, and KML) that takes advantage of types throughout compilation in order to produce better code without compromising safety or correctness.

The guiding principle behind TILT is to always manipulate Typed Intermediate Languages (hence the name). Consequently, at any stage during compilation, we can automatically type-check the code to ensure that a wide class of important safety properties have been maintained by the compiler. The ability to automatically type-check the intermediate code gives us the leverage to...

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People Involved with TILT:

Cornell CMU
Martin Elsman (visiting from DIKU) Andrew Bernard
Neal Glew Perry Cheng
Greg Morrisett Bob Harper
Frederick Smith Leaf Petersen
David Walker Chris Stone
Stephanie Weirich  
Stephan Zdancewic  

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