If want have not translated all of the proofs here and would like to come back and complete more later, please do. You can either skip answering these questions for now or answer them now and then update your answers after you translate more proofs. If you are done with as much of the study as you are going to complete, then please answer these questions now. If you would like me to inform you of the results of this study, include that in your response.

Final questions:

  • Which proof or proofs did you find the hardest to translate? Why?
  • Which proof or proofs did you find the easiest to translate? Why?
  • How would you compare the quality of the proofs that you have written with the quality of a proof that you might write on your own? What difference, if any, are there?
  • Is there anything else that you think you should have been asked or that you would like to add about this study?
Thank you for participating!

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