the so-called strait wallop will molest.
(a poem by Alfred, the Mail Agent).

rockboundly mealy into an airport,
one will desegregate a triplex redcoat
for an Oscar.
south, a bullhead should flit.
ablazely, an amide competes.
hereunto, one will search.
the former airport has defered a catlike stinkpot with the rivalry.
gratis, the analysis should gnaw.
transcendently saucy by a schoolroom:
my laborious firefly will emigrate.

her lengthy trigonometry might have submited.

the currant has bewailed a tragic Sheridan on a brunch.
my Harpy has deserved a Punic glasswort plus the python.
their binocular moire wants to thrash.

inferentially luxurious at a lacuna,
a gable might have nudged an epileptic maroon for a gangway.
suggestively, a steppe shapes.
presto, the felony should practice.
obdurately terse with the rockaway:
Valoisly, one has advanced.
a dolly might have told a leonine silicate as per a nave.
grievously oblong amidst the metal,

electly luxurious -- an envelope,
a footstep handwrites the irksome pinhole
amidst a semester.
northwest, the Charlie should glimmer.

Ithaca, NY
[Tue Jun 24 12:13:03 1997]

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