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Fall 2016

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Required Reading

Suggested Reading

1 Robbert  
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8/23 Course overview
2 Robbert 
(pdf  pptx)
8/25 Building Large, Principled Systems End-to-end arguments in system design, J.H. Saltzer, D.P. Reed, D.D. Clark. ACM Transactions on Computer Systems Volume 2, Issue 4 (November 1984), pages 277--288.

Hints for computer system design, B. Lampson. Proceedings of the Ninth ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, United States) 1983, pages 33--48.

The Impact of Architectural Trends on Operating System Performance Rosenblum et al. 15th SOSP, 1995.

Interposition Agents: Transparently Interposing User Code at the System Interface, Michael Jones. 14th SOSP, 1993, pages 80--93.

3 Hakim  
(pdf pptx)
8/30 Classic Systems The UNIX time-sharing system, Dennis M. Ritchie and Ken Thompson. Communications of the ACM Volume 17, Issue 7 (July 1974), pages 365--375.

The structure of the "THE"-multiprogramming system, E.W. Dijkstra. Communications of the ACM Volume 11, Issue 5 (May 1968), pages 341--346.
Using continuations to implement thread management and communication in operating systems, Richard P. Draves, Brian N. Bershad, Richard F. Rashid, and Randall W. Dean. Proceedings of the Thirteenth ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (Pacific Grove, California, 1991), pages 122--136.

The nucleus of a multiprogramming system, P, Brinch Hansen. Communications of the ACM Volume 13, Issue 4 (April 1970), pages 238--241.

The Duality of Memory and Communication in the Implementation of a Multiprocessor Operating System, M. Young, A Tavanian, R. Rashid, D. Golub, and J. Eppinger. Proceedings of the Eleventh ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (Austin, Texas, United States), ACM, 1987, pages 63--76.
4 Hakim  
(pdf  pptx)
9/1 Concurrency, Threads, and Events On the duality of operating system structures, H. C. Lauer and R. M. Needham. ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review Volume 12, Issue 2 (April 1979), pages 3--19.

SEDA: An Architecture for Well Conditioned, Scalable Internet Services, Matt Welsch, David Culler, and Eric Brewer. Proceedings of the Eighteenth ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (Banff, Alberta, Canada, 2001), pages 230--243.

Goal-oriented programming, or composition using events,or threads considered harmful,  Eobbert Van Renesse. Proceeding of the 8th ACM SIGOPS European Workshop on Support for Composing Distributed Applications (Sintra, Portugal, 1998), pages 82--87.

Using Threads in Interactive Systems.  Hauser et al.  14th SOSP, Dec 1993.

An introduction to programming with threads, A. Birrell. Technical Report, Microsoft Research, May 2005.

Capriccio: Scalable threads for internet services, Rob von Behren et al. Proceedings of the Nineteenth ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (Bolton Landing, NY, 2003), pages 268--281.

Events can make sense, Maxwell Krohn, Eddie Kohler, and M. Frans Kaashoek. Proceedings of the 2007 USENIX Annual Technical Conference (Santa Clara, CA, June 2007), pages 87--107.

Using continuations to implement thread management and communication in operating systems, Richard P. Draves, Brian N. Bershad, Richard F. Rashid, and Randall W. Dean. Proceedings of the Thirteenth ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (Pacific Grove, California, 1991), pages 122--136.

Eraser: A Dynamic Data Race Detector for Multi-Threaded Programs  Savage et al.  16th SOSP, 1997.

5 Hakim
(pdf  pptx)


Mach: A new kernel foundation for UNIX development, Mike Accetta, Robert Baron, William Bolosky, David Golub, Richard Rashid, Avadis Tevanian, and Michael Young. Proceedings of the USENIX Summer Conference, Atlanta, GA, 1986, pages 93--112.

The Performance of µ-Kernel-based Systems.  Härtig et al.  16th SOSP, Oct 1997.
The Duality of Memory and Communication in the Implementation of a Multiprocessor Operating System, M. Young, A Tavanian, R. Rashid, D. Golub, and J. Eppinger. Proceedings of the Eleventh ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (Austin, Texas, United States), ACM, 1987, pages 63--76.

EMERALDS: A Small-Memory Real-Time Microkernel,  Zuberi et al.  17th SOSP, 1999.

The Flux OSKit: A Substrate for OS and Language Research. Ford et al. 16th SOSP, Oct 1997.
6 Hakim   9/8 Modern Systems: Extensible Kernels and Containers Exokernel: an operating system architecture for application-level resource management,  Dawson R. Engler, M. Frans Kaashoek, and James O'Toole, Jr.  15th ACM symposium on Operating systems principles (SOSP), December 1995, pages 251--266.

Unikernels: library operating systems for the cloud,   Anil Madhavapeddy, Richard Mortier, Charalampos Rotsos, David Scott, Balraj Singh, Thomas Gazagnaire, Steven Smith, Steven Hand, Jon Crowcroft.   18th ACM International Conference on Architectural support for programming languages and operating systems (ASPLOS), March 2014, pages 461--472.

Extensibility, Safety and Performance in the SPIN Operating System, Brian N. Bershad, Stefan Savage, Przemyslaw Pardyak, Emin Gun Sirer, Marc E. Fiuczynski, David Becker, Craig Chambers, Susan Eggers.   15th ACM symposium on Operating systems principles (SOSP), December 1995, pages 267--283.

Application performance and flexibility on Exokernel systems,  Kaashoek et al.  16th SOSP, 1997.

Microkernels meet Recursive Virtual Machines,  Bryan Ford, Mike Hibler, Jay Lepreau, Patrick Tullmann, Godmar Back, Stephen Clawson.   2nd USENIX symposium on Operating systems design and implementation (OSDI), October 1996, pages 137-151.

7 Zhiming  
(pdf pptx)
9/13 Modern Systems: Virtualization The Origin of the VM/370 Time-Sharing System, R. J. Creasy, In IBM Journal of Research and Development, 25(5):483-490, September 1981.

Xen and the Art of Virtualization, Paul Barham, Boris Dragovic, Keir Fraser, Steven Hand, Tim Harris, Alex Ho, Rolf Neugebauer, Ian Pratt, Andrew Warfield. 19th ACM symposium on Operating systems principles (SOSP), October 2003, page 164--177.
Are Virtual Machine Monitors Microkernels Done Right?, Steven Hand, Andrew Warfield, Keir Fraser, Evangelos Kotsovinos, Dan Magenheimer. Proceedings of the Tenth Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems (HotOS), Sante Fe, NM, June 2005.

Are Virtual Machine Monitors Microkernels Done Right?, Gernot Heiser, Volkmar Uhlig, Joshua LeVasseur. ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review (OSR), Volume 40, Issue 1, January 2006, pages 95--99.

Memory resource management in VMware ESX server, C. A. Waldspurger. OSDI 2002.

Virtual Machine Monitors: Current Technology and Future Trends, Mendel Rosenblum, Tal Garfinkel. Computer, vol. 38, no. 5, pp. 39-47, May 2005.

Operating System Support for Virtual Machines, S. T. King, G. W. Dunlap, and P. M. Chen. 2003 USENIX Technical Conference.

(pdf pptx)
9/15 Modern Systems: Multicore issues The Multikernel: A new OS architecture for scalable multicore systems.  Andrew Baumann, Paul Barham, Pierre-Evariste Dagand, Tim Harrisy, Rebecca Isaacs,
Simon Peter , Tim Roscoe, Adrian Schüpbach, and Akhilesh Singhania . Proceedings of the Twenty-Second ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (Austin, Texas, United States), ACM, 2009.

Disco: Running Commodity Operating Systems on Scalable Multiprocessors, Edouard Bugnion, Scott Devine, and Mendel Rosenblum. 16th ACM symposium on Operating systems principles (SOSP), October 1997, pages 143--156.
Thousand core chips: a technology perspective. S. Borkar.  In Proceedings of the 44th Annual Design Automation Conference, pages.  746–749, 2007.

Corey: An operating system for many cores. S. Boyd-Wickizer, H. Chen, R. Chen, Y. Mao, F. Kaashoek, R. Morris, A. Pesterev, L. Stein, M. Wu, Y. Dai, Y. Zhang, and Z. Zhang. In Proceedings of the 8th
USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation,
pages 43–57, Dec. 2008.

Tornado: maximizing locality and concurrency in a shared memory multiprocessor operating system, Ben Gamsa, Orran Krieger, Jonathan Appavoo, and Michael Stumm. 3rd USENIX symposium on Operating systems design and implementation (OSDI), February 1999, pages 87-100.
9 Andrew 
(pdf  pptx)
9/20 Modern Systems: Security

Fabric: A Platform for Secure Distributed Computation and Storage.  Jed Liu, Michael D. George, K. Vikram, Xin Qi, Lucas Waye, and Andrew C. Myers.  In ACM Symposium on Operating Systems, 2009.  Pages 321-334.


Logical Attestation: An Authorization Architecture For Trustworthy Computing. Emin Gün Sirer, Willem de Bruijn, Patrick Reynolds, Alan Shieh, Kevin Walsh, Dan Williams, and Fred B. Schneider. In Proceedings of the Symposium on Operating Systems Principles, Cascais, Portugal, October 2011.

Wiki: Trusted Platform Module

Wiki: Public Key Certificates

Wiki: X509 Standard
10 Hakim  
(pdf  pptx)
9/22 Storage Systems: File Systems The Design and Implementation of a Log-Structured File System, Mendel Rosenblum and Ousterhout. Proceedings of the thirteenth ACM symposium on Operating systems principles, October 1991, pages 1--15.

Towards weakly consistent local storage systems,   Ji-Yong Shin, Mahesh Balakrishnan, Tudor Marian, Jakub Szefer, Hakim Weatherspoon.   5th ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing (SoCC), October 2016.

A Fast File System for UNIX. Marshall K. McKusick, William N. Joy, Samuel J. Leffler, Robert S. Fabry.  ACM TOCS 2(3), Aug 1984, pages 181--197.

Soft Updates: A Solution to the Metadata Update problem in File Systems.  Gregory R. Ganger, Marshall Kirk McKusick, Craig A. N. Soules, Yale N. Patt. ACM TOCS 18(2). May 2000, pages 127--153.

The Zebra striped network file system,  John H. Hartman and John K. Ousterhout. Proceedings of the fourteenth ACM symposium on Operating systems principles, 1993, pages 29--43.

When to forget in the Elephant file system,  Douglas S. Santry, Michael J. Feeley, Norman C. Hutchinson, Alistair C. Veitch, Ross W. Carton, and Jacob Ofir.  Proceedings of the seventeenth ACM symposium on Operating systems principles, December 1999, pages 110--123.

11 Davis  
(pdf  pptx)
9/27 Storage Systems: Cloud-Scale Storage The Google file system, Sanjay Ghemawat, Howard Gobioff, Shun-Tak Leung. 19th ACM symposium on Operating systems principles (SOSP), October 2003, 29--43.

Spanner: Google's Globally Distributed Database, James C. Corbett, Jeffrey Dean, Michael Epstein, Andrew Fikes, Christopher Frost, J. J. Furman, Sanjay Ghemawat, Andrey Gubarev, Christopher Heiser, Peter Hochschild, Wilson Hsieh, Sebastian Kanthak, Eugene Kogan, Hongyi Li, Alexander Lloyd, Sergey Melnik, David Mwaura, David Nagle, Sean Quinlan, Rajesh Rao, Lindsay Rolig, Yasushi Saito, Michal Szymaniak, Christopher Taylor, Ruth Wang, and Dale Woodford. In Proceedings of the 10th USENIX conference on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI'12), October 2012, 251--264.
RACS: A Case for Cloud Storage Diversity, Hussam Abu-Libdeh, Lonnie Princehouse, Hakim Weatherspoon, In Proceedings of the First ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing (SOCC), June 2010.

Finding a Needle in Haystack: Facebook's Photo Storage.
Doug Beaver, Sanjeev Kumar, Harry C. Li, Jason Sobel, and Peter Vajgel.  OSDI 2010.

Rethink the Sync, Edmund B. Nightingale, Kaushik Veeraraghavan, Peter M. Chen, and Jason Flinn. Proceedings of the 7th USENIXE Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI), November 2006.

Speculative Execution in a Distributed File System, Edmund B. Nightingale, Peter M Chen, Jason Flinn. Proceedings of the 20th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP), October 2005, pages 191--205.
12 Tao 
(pdf  pptx)
9/29 Storage Systems: Big Data Infrastructure MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters.Jeffrey Dean and Sanjay Ghemawat. (OSDI, 2004). December, 2004.

Resilient Distributed Datasets: A Fault-Tolerant Abstraction for In-Memory Cluster Computing. Matei Zaharia, Mosharaf Chowdhury, Tathagata Das, Ankur Dave, Justin Ma, Murphy McCauley, Michael J. Franklin, Scott Shenker, Ion Stoica. (NSDI'12), April, 2012.
13 Ted 

Distributed Systems:

Ordering and Consistent Cuts

Time, Clocks, and the Ordering of Events in a Distributed System, Lamport. CACM 21(7). July 1978.

Distributed snapshots: Determining global states of distributed systems. Chandy, Lamport. ACM TOCS 3(1), 1985, 63-75.
How Processes Learn. K. Mani Chandy and Jay Misra. In Proceedings of the fourth annual ACM symposium on Principles of distributed computing (PODC '85). ACM, 204-214
14 Hakim 
(pdf  pptx)

Distributed Systems:

Putting theory into practice

Implementing fault-tolerant services using the state machine approach: A tutorial, Fred Schneider. ACM Computing Surveys Volume 22, Issue 4 (December 1990), 299--319.

Chain replication for high throughput and availability.  Robbert van Renesse and Fred Schneider.  OSDI 2004.
Using Time Instead of Timeout for Fault-Tolerant Distributed Systems, Lamport. ACM TOPLAS 6:2, 1974.

Dangers of Replication and a Solution, Gray et al. ACM SIGMOD, Jun 1996.
Fall Break: Oct 8-11
15 Sebastian 
(pdf  key)

Distributed Systems:

More atomicity options: group communication, replicated atomic objects.

Eric Brewer's CAP conjecture is discussed in the extra materials but we won't get very into CAP in the class itself.  But pretty much everyone agrees that CAP is more of a rule of thumb than a legitimate theorem.
The Process Group Approach to Reliable Distributed Computing, Birman. CACM, Dec 1993, 36(12):37-53.

Sinfonia: A new paradigm for building scalable distributed systems. Marcos K. Aguilera, Arif Merchant, Mehul Shah, Alistair Veitch, Christos Karamanolis. November 2009 Transactions on Computer Systems (TOCS), Volume 27 Issue 3
CAP Twelve Years Later.  Eric Brewer. IEEE Computer Magazine (special issue on “The Growing Impact of the CAP Theorem”). Volume 12. pp. 23-30. February 2012.

Spanner: Google's Globally-Distributed Database.
James C. Corbett, et. al.  OSDI 2012.

Overcoming CAP with Consistent Soft-State Replication.. Kenneth P. Birman, D. Freedman, Q. Huang and Patrick Dowell. IEEE Computer Magazine (special issue on “The Growing Impact of the CAP Theorem”). Volume 12. pp. 50-58. February 2012.  Isis2, A modern, open-source, group communication library for cloud computing applications.  Ken Birman, 2011.
16 Ethan  
(pdf  pptx)

Distributed Systems:

Paxos Made Moderately Complex.  Robbert van Renesse.  Cornell University. March 25, 2011

Wiki: Paxos_Protocol

CORFU: A Distributed Shared Log, Mahesh Balakrishnan, Dahlia Malkhi, John Davis, Vijayan Prabhakaran, Michael Wei, and Ted Wobber, ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, ACM, 2013.

Virtually Synchronous Methodology for Dynamic Service Replication. Ken Birman, Dahlia Malkhi, Robbert van Renesse. Submitted for publication. November 18, 2010. Also available as Microsoft Research TechReport MSR-2010-151.

Paxos Made Simple, Lamport. ACM SIGACT NEWS 32(4). Dec. 2001.

Wiki: Gbcast_Protocol
17 Kai  
(pdf  pptx)

Distributed Systems:

Byzantine Agreement

The Byzantine Generals Problem, Lamport et al. ACM TOPLAS 4, 1982.

Easy Impossibility Proofs for Distributed Consensus Problems.  Michael J. Fischer , Nancy A. Lynch , Michael Merritt.  ACM PODC 1986.

Randomized Byzantine Generals, Rabin. FOCS, 1983.

Byzantine Quorum Systems, Malkhi and Reiter.

Fault-Scalable Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Services, Michael Abd-El-Malek SOSP 2005.

The Next 700 BFT Protocols. Rachid Guerraoui, Nikola Knezevic, Vivien Quéma and Marko Vukolić. In Proceedings of EuroSys, Paris, France, pp. 363-376, April 2010

18 Philip  
(pdf  pptx)

Distributed Systems:

Impossibility of Distributed Consensus with One Faulty Process, Fisher et al. JACM 32(2), Apr 1985.

One of the most famous papers ever written in Computer Science.  Surprisingly subtle...  Bob Constable actually has a far more accessible derivation of the same result using NuPRL; for him it is a constructive solution and one nice thing is that the proof actually illustrates precisely the way the attack needs to play out.

The weakest failure detector for solving consensus,
Chandra et al. J. ACM 43, 4, Jul. 1996.

Effectively nonblocking consensus procedures can execute forever-a constructive version of flp, Robert Constable. arXiv preprint arXiv:1109.3370, September 2011.

The Building Blocks of Consensus. Yee Jiun Song, Robbert van Renesse, Fred B. Schneider, Danny Dolev.  The 9th International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking (ICDCN 08), January, 2008. LNCS, Vol. 4904, pp. 54-72.
19 Eugene  
(pdf  pptx)
10/27 P2P Systems: Gossip
Epidemic algorithms for replicated database maintenance, Alan Demers, Dan Greene, Carl Hauser, Wes Irish, John Larson, Scott Shenker, Howard Sturgis, Dan Swinehart, Doug Terry. Appears in 6th ACM Symposium on Principles of distributed computing (PODC), August 1987, pages 1--12.

Astrolabe: A Robust and Scalable Technology for Distributed System Monitoring, Management, and Data Mining, Robbert Van Renesse, Kenneth P. Birman, Werner Vogels. Appears in ACM Transactions on Computer Systems (TOCS), Volume 21, Issue 2, May 2003, pages 164--206.
Managing update conflicts in Bayou, a weakly connected replicated storage system, Doug B. Terry, Marvin M. Theimer, Karin Petersen, Alan J. Demers, Mike J. Spreitzer, and Carl H. Hauser. In Proceedings of the 5th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP), December 1995, pages 172--182.

Bimodal Multicast, Birman et al. ACM TOCS 17(2), May 1999.

T-Man: Fast Gossip-based Construction of Large-Scale Overlay Topologies.  Mark Jelasity Ozalp Babaoglu.  Technical Report UBLCS-2004-7.  May 2004

Bayesian inference using data flow analysis.  Claret, Guillaume, et al. Proceedings of the 2013 9th Joint Meeting on Foundations of Software Engineering. ACM, 2013.

Probabilistic programming. IGordon, A. D., Henzinger, T. A., Nori, A. V., & Rajamani, S. K.  May 2014, May. International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE, FOSE track).
20 Nirvan  
(pdf  pptx)

P2P Systems: DHT

Chord: A scalable peer-to-peer lookup service for internet applications, Ion Stoica, Robert Moris, David Karger, M. Frans Kaashoek, and Hari Balakrishnan. Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM, August 2001, 149--160. San Diego, California, United States.


The Impact of DHT Routing Geometry on Resilience and Proximity, Krishna Gummadi , Ramakrishna Gummadi , Steve Gribble , Sylvia Ratnasamy , Scott Shenker, Ion Stoica. Appears in Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM, August 2003, pages 381--3.

SplitStream: high-bandwidth multicast in cooperative environments. Castro, et. al. SOSP 2003.

Overcast: Reliable Multicasting with an Overlay Network, Jannotti et al. 4th OSDI, Dec 2000.

Kelips: Building an Efficient and Stable P2P DHT Through Increased Memory and Background Overhead, Indranil Gupta, Ken Birman, Prakash Linga, Al Demers and Robbert van Renesse. 2nd International Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Systems (IPTPS '03); February 20-21, 2003. Claremont Hotel, Berkeley, CA, USA.

21 Robert 
(pdf  pptx)

P2P Systems:

Robert Escriva, Bernard Wong and Emin Gün Sirer.
In ;login: 37(3):39-49, 2012.

Robert Escriva, Bernard Wong and Emin Gün Sirer.
Technical Report, Nov 2013.
22 Eyal  
(pdf  pptx)
11/8 P2P Systems: Storage Dynamo: Amazon's Highly Available Key-Value Store, Giuseppe DeCandia, Deniz Hastorun, Madan Jampani, Gunavardhan Kakulapati, Avinash Lakshman, Alex Pilchin, Swaminathan Sivasubramanian, Peter Vosshall, and Werner Vogels. In Proceedings of twenty-first ACM SIGOPS symposium on Operating systems principles (SOSP). October 2007, pp. 205--220.

Cassandra: a decentralized structured storage system, Avinash Lakshman and Prashant Malik, SIGOPS Oper. Syst. Rev. 44, 2 (April 2010)

Pond: the OceanStore Prototype, Sean Rhea, Patrick Eaton, Dennis Geels, Hakim Weatherspoon, Ben Zhao, and John Kubiatowicz. In Proceedings of the 2nd USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST), March 2003, pages 1--14.

Storage management and caching in PAST, a large scale, persistent peer-to-peer storage utility,  Rowstron and Druschel.  18th SOSP, Oct 2001.

A Distributed Decentralized Information Storage and Retrieval System,  Ian Clark.  University of Edinburgh, 1999 (Original unpublished technical report on Freenet).

Why Gnutella can't scale, no really?,  Ritter, Feb 2001.

23 Josh  
11/10 Networked Systems: TCP Congestion Avoidance and Control, Van Jacobson. Appears in Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM, Vo1ume 18, Number 4, (August 1988).

TCP Congestion Control with a Misbehaving Receiver, Stefan Savage, Neal Cardwell, David Wetherall and Tom Anderson, Appears in ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review, Volume 29 , Issue 5 (October 1999), pages 71--78.
RouteBricks: Exploiting Parallelism To Scale Software Routers
Mihai Dobrescu and Norbert Egi, Katerina Argyraki, Byung-Gon Chun, Kevin Fall,
Gianluca Iannaccone, Allan Knies, Maziar Manesh, Sylvia Ratnasamy
22nd ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP), October 2009

Routers for the Cloud. Can the Internet Achieve 5-Nines Availability? Andrei Agapi, Ken Birman, Robert Broberg, Chase Cotton, Thilo Kielmann, Martin Millnert, Rick Payne, Robert Surton, and Robbert VanRenesse. IEEE Internet Computing. Volume 15. Issue 5. pp.72 - 77. September, October 2011.
24 Eric  
(pdf  pptx)

Networked Systems:

U-Net: A User-Level Network Interface for Parallel and Distributed Computing, Von Eicken, Basu, Buch and Werner Vogels. 15th SOSP, December 1995.

FaRM: Fast Remote Memory
Aleksandar Dragojević, Dushyanth Narayanan, Orion Hodson, and Miguel Castro; Microsoft Research 
NSDI 2014

Evaluation of the Virtual Interface Architecture (VIA).

Towards an active network architecture, David L. Tennenhouse and David J. Wetherall. Appears in ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review (CCR), Volume 37, Issue 5 (October 2007), pages 81--94.

A Survey of Active Network Research, David L. Tennenhouse, Jonathan M. Smith, W. David Sincoskie, David J. Wetherall, and Gary J. Minden. Appears in IEEE Communications Magazine, Volume 35, Issue 5 (October 1997), pages 80--86.

25 Sujay 
(key  pdf  pptx)

Networked Systems:


Arrakis: The Operating System is the Control Plane.  Simon Peter, Jialin Li, Irene Zhang, Dan R. K. Ports, Doug Woos, Arvind Krishnamurthy,
and Thomas Anderson,  Timothy Roscoe.  OSDI 2014.

IX: A Protected Dataplane Operating System for High Throughput and Low Latency. Adam Belay, George Prekas, Ana Klimovic, Samuel Grossman, and Christos Kozyrakis,  Edouard Bugnion. OSDI 2014.


Profiling a warehouse-scale computer. Svilen Kanev, et al.  ISCA 2015. SlidesThis paper basically says that 90% of potential compute performance in Google's main data center is lost in hardware stalls of various kinds!

High performance RDMA-based MPI implementation over InfiniBand. Liu, Jiuxing, Jiesheng Wu, and Dhabaleswar K. Panda. International Journal of Parallel Programming 32.3 (2004): 167-198.

WireDirect Enables New Benchmarks For Low Latency UDP.  Chelsio white paper.
26 Paul 
(pdf  pptx)
11/22 Networked Systems: SDN OpenFlow: Enabling innovation in campus networks. Nick McKeown et al. (2008-04).  ACM Communications Review.

Frenetic: A High-Level Langauge for OpenFlow Networks. Nate Foster, Rob Harrison, Matthew L. Meola, Michael J. Freedman, Jennifer Rexford, and David Walker.  In ACM Workshop on Programmable Routers for Extensible Services of Tomorrow (PRESTO), Philadelphia, PA, November 2010.
The Road to SDN: An Intellectual History of Programmable Networks. Nick Feamster, Jennifer Rexford, and Ellen Zegura. Appears in ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review, Volume 44 , Issue 2 (April 2014), pages 87--98.

Abstractions for Network Update. Mark Reitblatt, Nate Foster, Jennifer Rexford, Cole Schlesinger, and David Walker. In ACM SIGCOMM Conference, Helsinki, Finland, August 2012.
Thanksgiving Holiday: Nov 23-Nov 27
27 Kevin 
(pdf  pptx)
11/29 Bit Coin, Block Chains
Bitcoin: A peer-to-peer electronic cash system. Nakamoto, Satoshi. Consulted 1.2012 (2008): 28.

Majority is not enough: Bitcoin mining is vulnerable. Eyal, Ittay, and Emin Gün Sirer.  arXiv preprint arXiv:1311.0243 (2013).s

The Bitcoin Backbone Protocol: Analysis and Applications.   Juan A. Garay, Aggelos Kiayias, Nikos Leonardos.  Nov. 2014 (ArXiV).

Information Propagation in the Bitcoin Network.  Christian Decker, Roger Wattenhofer.  13th nal Conference on Peer-to-Peer Computing, 2013.


On bitcoin and red balloons.  Babaioff, Moshe, et al.  Proceedings of the 13th ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce. ACM, 2012.




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