Lesson Videos

This page contains all of the pre-recorded video lessons that were created for the remote semester of Fall 2020. These were incredibly popular and so we are including them again this year (though there are a few differences in content).

In many cases, these videos will go into even more detail than how we covered the material in class (though you are never responsible for material not covered in class). These videos are, for all intents and purposes, the textbook of this course. Each lab and lecture will indicate the videos that are associated with that class day.

Note: These versions of the videos are not closed-captioned. If you need closed captioning support for these videos, please visit the official VOD channel for CS 1110.

28. Generators

Generators are a fairly new topic that we introduced last year during the pandemic. They are a way to speed up for-loop computations.    Watch ›

9 videos totalling 1:06 hours slides demos

30. Searching and Sorting

Searching and sorting are two topics that are fundamental to computer science. In this video series we explore just a few examples of sorting algorithms.    Watch ›

8 videos totalling 1:04 hours slides demos

27. GUI Applications

Now that we understand both loops and classes, we can make complex graphical applications. This will be the focus of the final assignment in the course.    Watch ›

10 videos totalling 1:15 hours slides demos

26. While Loops

In this series we introduce while-loops, which are an alternate form of iteration. This is the last true control-structure introduced in this course.    Watch ›

8 videos totalling 57:39 minutes. slides demos

25. Advanced Error Handling

Now that we understand typing, it is time to revist try-except statements. In this video series, we show how to customize our try-except to different error types.    Watch ›

6 videos totalling 41:03 minutes. slides demos