Course Assignments

Assignments are medium-size projects integrating what you have learned in class. They are much more complex than labs. They are also graded for correctness (unlike labs). You will learn more about programming from the assignments than from anything else we do in class, so you should take them seriously.

Table of Contents

Semester Assignments

The assignments in this class are tentatively listed in the table below. Some of the assignments are being revamped, and hence are not yet available. When the assignment becomes available, a link in the Title column will take you to a page with more instructions.

Assignment Title Deadline
Assignment 1 Currency Sun, September 17
Assignment 2 Call Frames Sun, September 24
Assignment 3 Color Models Fri, October 6
Assignment 4 Turtles Fri, October 27
Assignment 5 Class Folders Fri, November 3
Assignment 6 Connect-N Tue, November 14
Assignment 7 Alien Invaders Mon, December 4

Assignment Policies

All assignments can be completed alone or with a partner. You do not have to have the same partner each assignment. However, you should refer to the academic integrity policy for what to do when you must split with a partner in the middle of an assignment. We will provide a partner-finding service at the start of each assignment for any students searching for a partner.

CS 1110 has a strict late penalty of 10% per day late. This late period goes into an effect after a one hour grace period, to allow for cases in which CMS is overwhelmed by student assignments. Extensions are only entertained in cases of illness or religious holidays. To be considered for an extension, you must contact the instructor at least two days before the assignment is due.