Course Information


Calendar This page gives you a high level overview of the what the course will cover, as well as the dates for the assignments and exams. Note that lecture topics are subject to change.


Sections This page lists the section times, room locations, and the associated TA. We ask that you only attend your section. Contact your section TA if you cannot make section during any given week.

Office Hours

Office Hours We offer many different level of office hours. Both the instructors and the TAs offer office hours during the day. In addition, there are consulting hours every evening except Friday and Saturday.

Getting Help

Getting Help There are many different resources for doing well in this course beyond office hours. One popular alternative are the Academic Excellence Workshops (AEW). These are open to all students, not just engineers.


FAQ Because of the size of this class, this class has several rules and policies. This page is an attempt to pull all of them into a single place.