Labs Labs are bi-weekly, ungraded activities intended for practice. This page is a summary of the lab policies. The activities themselves are posted in the online lab system.


Assignments The assignments are graded homeworks completed on your own or with a partner. They are a large part of your final grade and are covered by the academic integrity policy.


Exams This course has two prelims and a final that are taken outside of class time. This page contains a study guide for each exam as well as copies of exams from previous years.


Grades Grading for this course takes into account multiple factors. While it is not posssible to exactly calculate your grade by yourself, there are some general guidelines that you should be aware of.

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity Each year we have to prosecute several academic integrity cases in this course. You must read the course policy and take a reading quiz on it during the first few weeks of class.