Lectures These are the course lectures, listed in reverse order (most recent lecture first). When available, each lecture includes video recorded from the 11:15 lecture. To see a video, you must sign in with a valid Cornell netid.


Videos These are the lecture videos produced during the COVID year, which we have retained so that you can use as a secondary reference. They are listed in reverse order (most recent video first). To see a video, you must sign in with a valid Cornell netid.


Python These instructions cover how to install Python on your computer. Even if you already have Python, you will want to read these instructions (in case you have the wrong version).


Shell These instructions teach you how to use the command shell on your computer. This will be our primary tool for running Python. Note the subtle differences between operating systems.

Style Guide

Style Guide In CS 1110 you should learn to write programs that are not only correct but also understandable. These guidelines should help you meet that goal. We will enforce these on several of the assignments.


Glossary There is a lot of terminology covered in this course. This glossary is a handy reference of all the terms that we will eventually cover in the course. You should not worry about knowing all these terms right away.