EdStem Ed Discussions is the primary forum for asking (and answering) questions in this class. We preferred this forum over direct e-mail contact except in cases of emergencies.


iClickers Due to problems with polling software in the past, we will be using physical iClickers this semester. Go to this page to register your iClicker, as well as to track your progress in the course.

Python Tutor

Python Tutor The Python Tutor is a fantastic tool to help you visualize what it is going on when Python executes code. It is very close to the mental model that we develop in class, with only minor differences.


CMS This course does not use Canvas. Instead, we use CMS – developed by the CS department – to submit assignments and return grades. Any student officially enrolled in the course has been added to CMS.

Python API

Python API Python has a lot of built-in functions and modules. We do not expect you to memorize them. Instead, you should refer to the Python documentation when you need help.


IntroCS API The module introcs is a Python extension added specifically for this course. We will use most of its features over the course of the semester. Refer to this documentation when you need help.