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schneider.jpg Fred Schneider was elected a member of Norges Tekniske Vitenskapsakademi (NTVA)

This fall Fred Schneider was elected a foreign member of Norges Tekniske Vitenskapsakademi (NTVA), which is Norway's equivalent to the National Academy of Engineering. NTVA has 500 member, of which only 26 are foreign members. An event to mark the occasion was held in Tromso on Dec 9; his public lecture on cyber-security doctrine was attended by ministers from the Parliment and was covered by the Norewegian national news (NRK and TV 2) as well as radio and print.

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tardos.jpg Eva Tardos won the Glover-Klingman Prize for best paper

Eva Tardos, together with David Williamson (ORIE/IS) and other co-authors, won the Glover-Klingman Prize for the best 2009 paper published in the journal Networks, honoring their paper "Approximating the Smallest k-edge Connected Spanning Subgraph by LP-Rounding".

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gehrke.jpg Johannes Gehrke received the Humboldt Research Award

Johannes Gehrke received the Humboldt Research Award.

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schneider.jpg Fred Schneider lectured at Purdue and U Mass Amherst recently

In December, Fred Schneider lectured at Purdue as part of the 2010 Samuel D. Conte Distinguished Lecture Series; he also spoke at the Distinguished Lecturer Series at U Mass Amherst in November.

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damola.jpg Damola Omotosho, MS '10 was recently featured as a Student Ambassador at Intel

Damola "D" Omotosho, MS '10 was recently featured for his accomplishments as a Student Ambassador at Intel.

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gomes.jpg Carla Gomes is invited speaker for GH Celebration of Women in Computing

Institute for Computational Sustainability (ICS) Director Carla Gomes presented an invited technical talk regarding computational sustainability at the 2010 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC), in Atlanta, Georgia. Gomes also presented the talk, "How do I become a leader in my field?," as part of the conference's career mentoring workshop. The world's largest gathering of women in computing, the GHC is a five-day technical conference designed to bring together the research and career interests of women in computing and highlight their accomplishments across industry, academia and government. Through her talks and participation in the GHC, Gomes built awareness among women computer scientists of the new computational sustainability research area and drew attention to the important roles women are playing in computational sustainability research. The ICS hopes to encourage more women to participate both in science learning and in careers in science through its research, outreach, and educational activities.

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ics.jpg Cornell President Announces $80 Million Gift for Sustainability Research

Cornell alumnus David Atkinson and his wife Patricia Atkinson have committed $80 million to fund a permanent, major research center (ACSF) focusing on challenges in the global energy, environmental and economic development arenas. To celebrate this transformative gift, Cornell President David Skorton sent a letter to all Cornell Trustees and Council members, institutions of higher education with sustainability programs, non-governmental organizations, all members of Congress, federal funding agencies, and state and community leaders. The letter highlights the Institute for Computational Sustainability (led by Carla Gomes, ICS Director) as an example of an ACSF-assisted success in advancing research and scholarly collaboration in sustainability, stating, "The Institute for Computational Sustainability, funded by the National Science Foundation, is pioneering computational methods for balancing environmental, economic, and societal needs for a sustainable future. This team has founded a new field within computational science that is already being taken up by other universities and government agencies in the U.S. and Europe."

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cra.jpg Four CS students won Honorable Mentions for CRA Outstanding Undergrad Researcher

Jacob Bank, Jun Hui Erh, Daniela Retelny, and Jiaqi Zhai all won Honorable Mentions for the CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Awards 2011. This recognizes them as some of the best undergraduates in the country. The official announcement will be in the January issue of the CRA Computing Research News and on

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gomes_dilkina.jpg Gomes and Dilkina awarded a NCEAS grant for a seminar on Sustainability Science

Carla Gomes and Bistra Dilkina are part of the team awarded a National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) grant for a distributed seminar on Sustainability Science. Distributed learning provides a training model in which resources and instruction are independent of time and place. The seminar is being held during the fall 2010 and fall 2011 semesters.

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james_marschner_bala.jpg Computer Graphics World features James, Marschner, Bala, and their students

In the October 2010 print & web issues of Computer Graphics World, journalist Noriko Kurachi highlights important trends in computer graphics. SIGGRAPH research on sound and visual rendering by Cornell professors Doug James, Steve Marschner & Kavita Bala and their students is featured prominently. Changxi Zheng's Ph.D. work (with Prof. Doug James) on synthesizing fluid and fracture sounds received particular attention.

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myers.jpg Fabric system developed by Andrew Myers discussed on Slashdot

An article about the Fabric system developed by the research group of Andrew Myers appeared recently in Dr. Dobb's Journal and was discussed on Slashdot.

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snavely.jpg Noah Snavely is co-author of Best Paper at ICIP 2010

Ruogu Fang, Kevin Tang, Noah Snavely, and Tsuhan Chen were awarded the Best Paper Award for "Towards Computational Models of Kinship Verification" at IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP) 2010.

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ics.jpg Institute for Computational Sustainability featured in NSF video

The US News and World Report is featuring a new video, which highlights the work of two Expedition in Computing awards - that of the Institute for Computational Sustainability (led by Carla Gomes) and of a team at Harvard University - as an "Innovations and Discoveries" video in the science section of its website (see video "What's Next for Computers") The video was developed by the NSF to highlight successful Expeditions in Computing awards as it announces this year's new awards. The video is also featured on the NSF's Science 360 News Service.

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hopcroft.jpg John Hopcroft quoted on a breakthrough in algorithms for MAX FLOW

MIT, in collaboration with colleagues at Yale and USC, have demonstrated the first improvement to the maximum-flow (max flow) algorithm in 10 years. [...] "My guess is that this particular framework is going to be applicable to a wide range of other problems," says Cornell University professor John Hopcroft, co-recipient of the 1986 A.M. Turing Award. "When there's a breakthrough of that nature, usually, then, a subdiscipline forms, and in four or five years, a number of results come out." The full article is available here.

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saxena.jpg Ashutosh Saxena interviewed about robots that could improve everyday life

CS professor Ashutosh Saxena and graduate student Yun Jiang were interviewed in the Cornell Chronicle about robots that could improve everyday life at home or work.

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birman_vanrenesse_weathersp.jpg Birman, van Renesse, Weatherspoon quoted in Cornell Chronicle

Ken Birman, Robbert van Renesse, and Hakim Weatherspoon are quoted in a Cornell Chronicle article about their participation in a $7.5 million dollar, 10-institution NSF grant to create "a better, more secure internet".

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ermon.jpg Ermon, Gomes, Selman win Best Student Paper at CP 2010

Stefano Ermon has won best student paper at the 16th International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming 2010 (CP 2010) in St Andrews, Scotland. The paper, "Computing the Density of States of Boolean Formulas", was co-authored with Carla Gomes and Bart Selman.

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cardie.jpg CeRI project led by Farina, Cardie wins White House Leading Practices award

CeRI's (Cornell's eRulemaking Initiative) Regulation Room project, a flagship initiative of The U.S. Department of Transportation, won a White House Leading Practices award. CeRI is led by Cynthia Farina (Law) and Claire Cardie (CS/IS); Dan Cosley (IS) is a key member of the project.

More information can be found from the original White House announcement, the Secretary of Transportation's announcement, and a Cornell Chronicle article.

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myers_schneider.jpg Andrew Myers and Fred Schneider receive grant from the NSF

Andrew Myers and Fred Schneider have received a grant from the National Science Foundation for their project, "Higher-level abstractions for trustworthy federated systems".

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damoulas.jpg Theo Damoulas will be serving as a co-PI on a TeraGrid award

Institute for Computational Sustainability researcher Theo Damoulas will be serving as a co-PI on a TeraGrid award, Modeling bird distributions and abundance for 2011 "State of the Bird" report. Damoulas joins PI John Cobb of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) as well as researchers at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, DataONE, the University of New Mexico, and ORNL to explore the dynamic patterns of bird species occurrence across broad spatial and temporal scales. This work is also featured in Nature.

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clarkson.jpg Michael Clarkson speaks about the Civitas electronic voting system at two events

Michael Clarkson is an invited speaker at the First International Summer School on Secure Voting at Bertinoro, Italy. He is also an invited speaker at the Swiss E-Voting Workshop on state of the art e-voting systems.

At both, he will speak about the Civitas electronic voting system, developed at Cornell by Michael Clarkson, Stephen Chong, and Andrew Myers.

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james.jpg Doug James & Changxi Zheng develop method for synthesizing fracture sounds

Doug James and graduate student Changxi Zheng developed a method for synthesizing brittle fracture sounds in simulated virtual environments. The work was published at the ACM SIGGRAPH 2010 conference in Los Angeles on July 25-29, and covered by the Cornell Chronicle, New Scientist, and Slashdot.

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halpern_myers_schneider.jpg Halpern, Myers, Schneider win Engineering Teaching awards

Joe Halpern, Andrew Myers and Fred Schneider all are winners of this year's Engineering teaching awards.

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clarkson.jpg Michael Clarkson is a speaker for FCS-PrivMod 2010

Michael Clarkson is an invited speaker for FCS-PrivMod 2010, the Workshop on Foundations of Security and Privacy. The title of his talk is "Privacy in Electronic Voting".

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myers_schneider_foster.jpg Myers, Schneider and Foster awarded grant

Andrew Myers, Fred Schneider, and Nate Foster have been awarded a grant by the Office of Navy Research to support their project titled "A Platform for Building and Composing Secure Federated Systems."

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huttenlocher_felzenszwalb.jpg Pedro Felzenszwalb & Dan Huttenlocher receive prize at CVPR 2010

Pedro Felzenszwalb and Dan Huttenlocher received the Longuet-Higgins Prize at CVPR 2010 for their paper "Efficient Matching of Pictorial Structure", which appeared in CVPR 2000. The award is given to a paper from ten years ago that has made "fundamental contributions to computer vision that have withstood the test of time." Pedro Felzenszwalb was a Cornell undergraduate when the paper was written.

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fuse.jpg Niki Tsahalis will attend Google FUSE program

Niki Tsahalis, advisee of Daisy Fan, was invited to attend the Google FUSE program. This summer, FUSE will provide an opportunity for successful and invested freshmen computer science students who are historically underrepresented in the field to connect with one another and with Google. They will be bringing rising college sophomores from across the US and Canada to our New York and Seattle offices for two days of networking, learning, and fun. Up to 50 aspiring computer scientists will be invited to an all-expenses paid retreat that will run for three days on July 14-16, 2010 in New York, NY and July 20-22, 2010 in Seattle, WA.

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cristian.jpg Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil finalist in Facebook Ph.D. Fellowship

Ph.D. student Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil was chosen as one of the 22 Finalists for the 2010 Facebook Ph.D. Fellowship program, out of "many hundreds" of applications. The areas of interest for the program included internet economics, cloud computing, social computing, data mining and machine learning, systems, and information retrieval.

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joachims.jpg Thorsten Joachims is program co chair for ICML 2010

Thorsten Joachims is the program co chair for ICML 2010, the International Conference on Machine Learning, located this year in Haifa, June 21-24, 2010. As part of this year's program, the invited speaker list includes a talk by a Nobel Laureate and opening remarks by Israel's Minister of Science and Technology. ICML is the leading international machine learning conference, attracting annually some 500 participants from all over the world.

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hartmanis.jpg Juris Hartmanis gives keynote at IEEE conference

Juris Hartmanis was the keynote speaker at the 25th IEEE Conference on Computational Complexity last week.

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gomes.jpg Carla Gomes invited speaker at AAAI 2010

Carla Gomes is one of the invited speakers for AAAI 2010, speaking about "Challenges for AI in Computational Sustainability".

She is also an invited speaker at CPAIOR 2010, the seventh International Conference on Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research techniques in Constraint Programming. The title of her talk is "Challenges for CPAIOR in Computational Sustainability."

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snavely.jpg Snavely wins honorable mention for ACM Dissertation Award

Noah Snavely won one of three Honorable Mentions for the 2009 ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award.

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bkleinberg.jpg B. Kleinberg, Slivkins and Babaioff win Best Paper Award

Bobby Kleinberg, together with Cornell PhD alum Alex Slivkins and Moshe Babaioff (both of Microsoft Research), have won the Best Paper Award at the 2010 ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (EC) for their paper "Truthful Mechanisms with Implicit Payment Computation" EC is the main ACM conference on economic aspects of computing.

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yatskar.jpg Mark Yatskar profiled in Cornell Chronicle

CS undergrad Mark Yatskar was profiled in the Cornell Chronicle as one of the "20 dynamic members" of the Class of 2010. The quick description provided is: "A dancer, choreographer and co-founder of a business called, Yatskar is interested in researching natural language processing as a computer scientist". He is quoted as saying that in ten years, "I plan to create intellectual property and manufacture happiness."

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computer.jpg Lillian Lee quoted in New Scientist

Lillian Lee was quoted in a May 2010 New Scientist article about recognizing sarcasm in natural language. The New York Observer "Daily Transom" commented, "Natural language processing expert Lillian Lee, who did not work on the project, calls it 'very exciting.' Because we are not a trained computer we do not know how to interpret her remarks."

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saxena.jpg Saxena's Robot Learning course featured in The Chronicle

Ashutosh Saxena's Robotics class was recently featured in The Cornell Chronicle.

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FNRimage.jpg Andrew Myers interviewed on Federal News Radio

Andrew Myers was interviewed for the "Federal Security Spotlight" program of a Washington, DC area radio station (Federal News Radio, 1500 AM). The program aired on Thursday, May 20 at 10am.

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birman.jpg Ken Birman featured in Capgemini publication

Ken Birman was interviewed on cloud computing for the French consulting firm Capgemini.

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gomes.jpg Gomes featured in The Bridge

A Computational Sustainability article by Carla Gomes was featured in the NAE publication, The Bridge. The Winter 2009 edition of the National Academy of Engineering's publication, The Bridge, features the article "Computational Sustainability: Computational Methods for a Sustainable Environment, Economy and Society".

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leahu.jpg Lucian Leahu selected for Intel PhD fellowship

Graduate student Lucian Leahu was selected as an Intel PhD fellowship winner for the 2010-2011 academic year. These fellowships are awarded to outstanding students in Engineering, Computer Science and other technical majors focusing on semiconductor technologies, micro-architecture, Software Technology and Design, and communications.

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robotics.jpg Selman, Halpern, Saxena featured in Cornell Engineering Magazine

Cornell Engineering Magazine had a feature on "Killer Robots: The Promise and Perils of Artificial Intelligence" that features Bart Selman's perspective as AAAI Presidential panelist and co-chair on the question. Also quoted in the article are Joe Halpern and, in a sidebar on the new roboticists, Ashutosh Saxena.

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selman.jpg Bart Selman co chairs AAAI Panel

Bart Selman is, together with AAAI Past President Eric Horvitz, co-chairing the AAAI Presidential Panel on Long-Term AI Futures, a year-long study into AI and society.

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myers.jpg Andrew Myers wins Provost's award and briefs Congress

Andrew Myers has won the Provost's Award for Distinguished Scholarship.

Also, Stephen Wicker and Andrew Myers are quoted in an article in The Chronicle Online on Cybersecurity. The two addressed privacy concerns at a Congressional briefing on April 30th.

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deBruijn.jpg Willem de Bruijn wins Roger Needham PhD award

Willem de Bruijn has been awarded the 2010 Roger Needham PhD award. The award, donated by Microsoft Research Cambridge, is given annually to recognize "a PhD student from a European University whose hesis is regarded as an exceptional, innovative contribution to knowledge in the systems area."

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cristian.jpg Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil selected by Yahoo

Twenty-two exceptional PhD students have been selected to be part of Yahoo!'s 2010 Key Scientific Challenges (KSC) Program, and Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil from Cornell's CS Department has been chosen to receive this very competitive award. The KSC Program supports a limited number of outstanding PhD students who we believe are doing research in very important and challenging areas. The Program provides each student with $5,000 of unrestricted funds for the support of their research activities (e.g., conference fees and travel, lab materials, professional society membership dues, etc.).

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Brandt.jpg Christie Brandt is 2010 Merrill Presidential Scholar

CS Major, Christie Brandt is a 2010 Merrill Presidential Scholars Award winner. Merrill Presidential Scholars are graduating seniors who have demonstrated outstanding scholastic achievement, strong leadership ability and potential for contributing to society. Each spring semester, 35 scholars, representing approximately 1 percent of the graduating class, are named to receive this honor by the deans of each of Cornell's seven undergraduate colleges. Each Merrill scholar, in turn, recognizes a high school teacher who most inspired his or her scholastic development, as well as a Cornell faculty member who most significantly contributed to his or her college education and experience.

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NSFGradwinners.jpg 2010 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship winners

CS graduate students, Joyce (Yu-hsin) Chen and Eleanor Birrell, as well as IS grad student Victoria Schwanda named 2010 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship winners. The program recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines who are pursuing research-based master's and doctoral degrees in the U.S. and abroad. Recipients receive the following: Three years of support, $30,000 annual stipend, $10,500 cost-of-education allowance, $1,000 one time international travel allowance, and TeraGrid Supercomputer access.

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jkleinberg.jpg Jon Kleinberg quoted in The New York Times

In a March 16, 2010 New York Times article "How privacy vanishes online", Jon Kleinberg is quoted in the concluding paragraph:

Jon Kleinberg, a professor of computer science at Cornell University who studies social networks, is skeptical that rules [to stop online monitoring] will have much impact. His advice: "When you're doing stuff online, you should behave as if you're doing it in public - because increasingly, it is."

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BOOM2010.jpg BOOM 2010

BOOM 2010 was recently featured in the Cornell Chronicle.

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snavely.jpg Snavely featured in The NY Times

Noah Snavely's new system, PhotoCity, was recently featured in The New York Times. PhotoCity is a game where people earn points by capturing photos in order to build and extend 3D models of the world. "Eventually, the goal is to create a game without boundaries, that expands to fill the world," Dr. Snavely said. "For now, we're focused on the scale of a college campus, or the heart of a city."

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ACMteam.jpg Cornell ACM Programming Team competes in Harbin

Cornell's team placed 15th at the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest in Harbin, China, Feb. 1-6, 2010. With the placement of 15th, Cornell was the second best in the North American Continent after Stanford (that placed 14th). This result is the best in Cornell's recent history (in the past decade). The team, calling itself the "Big Red Bears", consisted of: Yun Jiang [1st year PhD, CS], Jiaqi Zhai [Unaffiliated/ENGR, sophomore], and Jong Hwi Lee [CS/ENG, senior] with Hooyeon "Haden" Lee '10 as the coach.

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weatherspoon.jpg Weatherspoon wins IBM Faculty Award

Hakim Weatherspoon won the 2009 IBM Faculty Award. IBM Faculty Awards are intended to foster collaboration between researchers at leading universities worldwide and those in IBM research, development and services organizations.

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birman.jpg Birman wins IEEE Tsutomu Kanai Award

Ken Birman has won the 2010 IEEE Tsutomu Kanai Award. The Kanai Award recognizes major contributions to the state-of-the art distributed computing systems and their applications.

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bindel.jpg Bindel awarded Sloan Fellowship

David Bindel has been awarded the Sloan Research Fellowship. Sloan Research Fellowships seek to stimulate fundamental research by early-career scientists and scholars of outstanding promise

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ACMteam.jpg ACM Programming Team to compete in Harbin

Cornell University is one of only 21 universities from the United States that have earned the opportunity to compete in 34th Annual World Finals of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC), sponsored by IBM this year. More than 22,000 students, representing 1,931 universities from around the globe, battled for a coveted World Finals spot during the regional portion of the competition this fall. Only 103 teams of three students will head to Harbin, February 1-5, 2010 where the contest will be hosted by Harbin Engineering University (HEU). Cornell's team members are: Yun Jiang [1st year PhD, CS], Jiaqi Zhai [Unaffiliated/ENGR, sophomore], and Jong Hwi Lee [CS/ENG, senior].


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gries.jpg David Gries gives invited lecture at ISSEP

David Gries gave an invited lecture on 14 January at ISSEP (International Conference on Informatics in Secondary Schools: Evolution and Perspective) in Zurich, Switzerland.

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schneider.jpg Fred B. Schneider featured in the Cornell Chronicle

Fred B. Schneider's appointment to The Department of Defense's Science Board was featured in the Cornell Chronicle. The January/February issue of Cornell Alumni Magazine has an interview article titled "War Games: Fred Schneider '75 urges America to guard its cyber frontier". The online edition also contains links to Fred's Cyber Security Hearing testimony.

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jkleinberg.jpg Kleinberg receives 2009 Katayanagi Prizes

Jon Kleinberg is a recipient of the 2009 Katayanagi Prizes in Computer Science, awarded jointly by Carnegie Mellon and the Tokyo University of Technology.

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schneider.jpg Fred B. Schneider is appointed to DOD's Defense Science Board

Fred B. Schneider has been appointed to Department of Defense's (DOD's) Defense Science Board. The board was established in 1956 as a standing committee to advise top Pentagon leadership on "the needs and opportunities presented by new scientific knowledge for radically new weapons systems" and has evolved to develop and strengthen the department's research and development strategies for the 21st Century though their reports.

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nilsson.jpg Saxena's work on Make3D and Grasping featured in Nilsson book

Ashutosh Saxena's work on Make3D and Grasping is featured in Nilsson's The Quest for Artificial Intelligence, a book that describes major achievements in the field of AI in last 60 years.

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joachims_bkleinberg.jpg Joachims and R. Kleinberg awarded NSF grant

The Cornell front page featured a Cornell Chronicle article about an NSF grant to Thorsten Joachims and Bobby Kleinberg. The goal of the research is to create search-engine software that can learn from users by noticing which links they click on in a list of search responses, and how they reformulate their queries when the first results don't pay off.

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huttenlocher.jpg Huttenlocher to serve on MacArthur Foundation Board of Directors

Dan Huttenlocher is appointed been appointed to serve on the Board of Directors of the MacArthur Foundation.

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