About me

I'm currently a 4th year Ph.D Student in Cornell CS 

I am advised by David Bindel. My committee also includes Ken Birman and Peter Frazier. My current research focuses on numerical problems in optimization, Gaussian processes, and optimal control. I'm a fan of sweets that aren't too sweet, as can be seen on the left.

Office: Gates Hall 455
Office Hours: Not teaching currently
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UC Berkeley, BA

2011-2015, Magna Cum Laude

Cornell University, Ph.D 

Research Interests

Local and Global Optimization

The most famous example of kernel based optimization is Bayesian optmization. I'm interested in augmenting classic optimization algorithms, such as BFGS, with kernel methods.

Gaussian Processes

There are many important numerical considerations when trying to get Gaussian processes to scale past cubic complexity. I'm interested in fast methods and solvers.

Numerical Linear Algebra

Numerical Linear Algebra has always been important, even more so now that modern machine learning algorithms require NLA tools to scale well.


I'm interested in parallel algorithms, especially with respect to numerical linear algebra. I know a little bit about high performance networking, too.

Scaling Gaussian process regression with derivatives (Poster)

David Eriksson, Kun Dong, Eric Hans Lee, David Bindel, Andrew Wilson
NIPS 2018

Identifying contingencies in power systems using time domain dynamics

Eric Hans Lee, David Bindel
Unsubmitted, planned for IEEE Transactions on Power Systems

Improving upon mode-to-mode comparisons in MDOF systems: the modal assurance fit

Eric Hans Lee, David Bindel

Newton ellipsoid method and its polynomiography

Eric Hans Lee, Bahman Kalantari
Journal of Mathematics and the Arts
Posters & Presentations

Validating eigenvalues and eigenvectors

Eric Hans Lee, David Bindel
SIAM ALA 2018, Hong Kong

Recursive serial and parallel QR factorization

Eric Hans Lee
Cray 2017, Bloomington, MN

Writing advanced MATLAB code

Cornell SSW, March 2017

Identifying contingencies in power systems

Student Brown Bag, Febuary 2017

Numerical software engineering

Cornell SSW, Febuary 2017

Unix for Windows users

Cornell SSW, September 2016

Solving systems of polynomial equations

DIMACS REU, August 2014

CS 4850, Mathematical Foundations for the Information Age

Cornell Spring 2018

CS 5220, Applications of Parallel Computing

Cornell Fall 2017

CS 4850, Mathematical Foundations for the Information Age

Cornell Spring 2017

CS 5220, Applications of Parallel Computing

Cornell Fall 2015

Math 16A, Introduction to Calculus 1

Spring 2015, UC Berkeley