Lecture Plan

(01/26) Lecture 1
Overview and Goals Slides
Readings: You and Your Research, The Datacenter as a Computer (Chapter 1)
Recommended readings: How to read papers, Efficient reading, Amdahl's Law in the Multicore Era, 3D XPoint Memories
(01/31) Lecture 2
Data-Intensive Systems Slides
Identifying Research Problems Slides
Readings: Re-thinking Data-Centric Systems, Memory-centric OS design
Recommended readings: A View of Cloud Computing, Big Data and its Technical Challenges, The Tail At Scale
(02/02) Lecture 3
Network Fabric Slides (Ayush Dubey)
Readings: Jupiter Rising, Network Traffic Characteristics
Recommended readings: FatTree, VL2, Jellyfish, Network Characteristics 2, Network Characteristics 3
(02/07) Lecture 4
Storage Fabric Slides (Theo)
Readings: IOFlow, Millions of Disk Hours
Recommended readings: HDFS, GFS, Flat Datacenter Storage, Facebook's Photo Storage, Azure
(02/09) Lecture 5
Compute Fabric (Workloads) Slides
Required readings: Google Trace Analysis, Facebook Trace Analysis, Facebook Photo Caching
Recommended readings: MapReduce, Spark, Tachyon, Facebook's Photo Storage
(02/14) Lecture 6
Sharing Resources Slides
Readings: Mesos
Recommended readings: Yarn, FairRide, Omega, Sparrow, Borg, Kubernetes, FairCloud
(02/16) Lecture 7
Batch Processing Slides
Readings: Spark, Naiad
Recommended readings: Dryad
(02/21) February Break
(02/23) Lecture 8
Batch Processing: Interesting Challenges Slides
Readings: Skew, Stragglers
Recommended readings: LATE
(02/28) Lecture 9
Batch Processing: Interesting Challenges Slides (Johan, Rediet)
Readings: Resource Packing, Fairness
Recommended readings: Omega, Altruistic, Graphene
(03/02) Lecture 10
Batch Processing: New Directions Slides
Readings: GraphChi
Recommended readings: Pregel, GraphLab, PowerGraph, GraphX
(03/07) Lecture 11
Batch Processing: New Directions Slides (Soumya, Rediet)
Readings: Parameter Server, TensorFlow
Recommended readings: Adam
(03/09) Lecture 12
Interactive Queries Slides
Readings: Dremel
Recommended readings: Hive, Impala, Redis, BigTable, memcached, Cassandra, Dynamo
(03/14) Lecture 13
Interactive Queries: Interesting Challenges Slides (Shreya)
Readings: BlowFish, Elasticity
Recommended readings:
(03/16) Mid-term Project Presentations
(03/21) Mid-term Project Presentations
(03/23) Lecture 16
Interactive Queries: New Directions Slides (IX, FaRM)
Readings: IX, FaRM
Recommended readings: SparkSQL, MICA, RamCloud, ElasticSearch, HyperDex
(03/28) Lecture 17
Interactive Queries: New Directions Slides
Readings: Clipper
Recommended readings: KineoGraph
(03/30) Lecture 18
Interactive Queries: New Directions Slides
Readings: Weaver, SocialHash
Recommended readings: TAO, LinkBench, Neo4j, Titan, Unified in-RDBMS
(04/04) Spring Break
(04/06) Spring Break
(04/11) Lecture 19
Streaming Systems Slides (Soumya, Shreya)
Readings: StreamScope, Heron
Recommended readings: Discretized Streams, Storm, Kafka, Flink, DataFlow
(04/13) Lecture 20
Emerging Topics: Geo-distributed Batch Processing Slides
Readings: Geode, Clarinet
Recommended readings:
(04/18) Lecture 21
Emerging Topics: Geo-distributed Interactive Queries Slides
Readings: F1
Recommended readings: Spanner, Prefer Speed over Consistency?, PNUTS
(04/20) Lecture 22
Emerging Topics: Approximate Query Processing Slides
Readings: BlinkDB, Quickr
Recommended readings: Aqua, Stratified Sampling
(04/25) Lecture 23
Emerging Topics: Queries on Compressed/Encrypted Data Slides (Shreya, Soumya)
Readings: Succinct, Haven
Recommended readings: C-Store, CryptDB
(04/27) Lecture 24
Emerging Topics: Video Analytics Slides (Tiny Threads, Approximate)
Readings: Tiny Threads, Approximate
Recommended readings: Optasia
(05/02) Lecture 25
Emerging Topics: Disaggregated Datacenters Slides
Readings: Network Requirements, Storage Disaggregation
Recommended readings: Pelican, Flamingo, R2C2, XFabric, Paolo's talk, Kim's talk
(05/04) Final Project Presentations
(05/09) Final Project Presentations