The ability to collect, analyze and serve massive amounts of data has been one of the key enablers of services in the last decade. The sheer amount of data has led to numerous new challenges in the design of algorithms, techniques and systems for this so called “big data” era.

This course introduces the critical technology trends, the state-of-the-art systems, and the key challenges that make the big data era exciting, both from academic and industrial perspective. The course will focus on providing both breadth and depth in big data systems.

For breadth, we will read classical and state-of-the-art papers spanning:

For depth, students will work on a semester-long project in one specific problem space.

Systems breadth requirements: This course satisfies the Breadth requirements for Systems area and Systems research styles

Course Expectations: Read 3-4 papers every week, present 5-6 papers, make significant progress on a research project.

Instructor: Rachit Agarwal. The best way to reach Rachit is e-mail; see contact details.

Office hours: Wednesdays at 11AM (or, by appointment).

Teaching Assistant: Ayush Dubey

Lectures: The class will meet every week on Tuesdays and Thursday between 10:10AM to 11:25AM at Snee Hall, Geological Sci 1120.