CS4850    Spring 2010

Mathematical Foundations for the Information Age

M W F     11:15-12:05     Thurston Hall 203


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Concepts: The course will cover mathematical foundation of modeling and searching of the WWW and other complex networks, discovering trends, data mining, and making recommendations based on user behavior. Topics will include large graphs, random structures, phase transitions, spectral methods, data in high dimensions, Chernoff bounds, generating functions, second order methods.


Homework:  Students are encouraged to work together.  The only requirement is that you understand everything you turn in. You can either hand in the homework in class or submit on CMS.


Course Staff: Prof. John Hopcroft -- jeh@cs.cornell*
                          Vasilis Syrgkanis, TA -- vasilis@cs.cornell*
                          Navin Sivakumar, TA -- ns257@cornell*
                          Cameron Allen, TA -- cpa9@cornell*

                          Brian Liu, TA
                            *add .edu after these addresses when sending email

Course Notes

Lecture Notes Please let us know if you need a change, or change it in the sign-up sheet in class. (note to scribes: please try to combine your notes together to one set of notes per class). Please sent the lecture notes (preferred in PDF format) to Vasilis Syrgkanis. Remember to mention Lecture number and date. Write your names on the scribe notes.

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