Due Solutions
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Assignment1.pdf Friday, 7/2 Q1 Solution
Q2 Solution
Q3 and Q4 Solutions
Assignment2.pdf Friday, 7/9 Q1, 2, and 4 solutions
Figure for Q1 solution
Q2: quadSpline.m
Q2: pwQeval.m
Assignment3.pdf Monday, 7/19 Solutions
Assignment4.pdf Friday, 7/23 Solutions
Question 1 Part 2 m-file
Question 1 Part 2 plots
Assignment5.pdf Friday, 7/30 SparseQR.m
Q3-5 Solutions
Assignment6.pdf Friday, 8/6 Solutions
Q1 M-file
Q1 output table
Q1 plot
Q3 main M-file
Q3 function to evaluate f(t,y(t))
Q3 function to evaluate energy
Q3 AB1 trajectory plot
Q3 AB2 trajectory plot
Q3 AB1 energy changes plot
Q3 AB2 energy changes plot