Cayuga Heights Elementary School 5th Grade Math Club


Contact information

5th-grade math club is run by Andrew Myers and Hadas Kress-Gazit under the auspices of the PTA. Other parents are helping, and this is very welcome!

Andrew Myers
Dept. of Computer Science
Cornell University
Email: [click here]
Hadas Kress-Gazit
Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Cornell University
Email: [click here]

Tentative schedule

Where available, worksheets can be accessed by clicking on the topic title.

Oct 9Geometric similarity
Oct 16Scaling laws
Oct 23Angles and parallels (solns)
Oct 30Logic puzzles
Nov 6Pascal's triangle
Nov 13Fall Noetic Contest
Nov 17 (Tuesday!)AMC 8 contest at Boynton
Nov 20Early dismissal—no math club
Nov 27Thanksgiving break—no math club
Dec 4Math Olympiad Contest 1 (of 5)
Dec 11Number bases
Dec 18Math Olympiad Contest 2
Jan 8Math Olympiad 2 review
Jan 15Modular arithmetic (solns)
Jan 22Math Olympiad Contest 3
Jan 29Area and volume
Feb 5Right triangles and the Pythagorean Theorem (solns)
Feb 12February break–no math club
Feb 19Math Olympiad Contest 4
Feb 26Contest 4 roundup (soln)
Mar 4Cryptarithm problems (solns)
Mar 11Half day—no math club
Mar 18Math Olympiad Contest 5
Mar 25Hexaflexagons [ | 1.5 in triangles | 2.0 in triangles ]
Apr 1Polyhedra [ Paper Models of Polyhedra ]
Apr 8Noetic practice contest
Apr 15Noetic contest
Apr 22More logic puzzles
Apr 29School recess—no math club
May 6Mathematics of juggling (with Allen Knutson)
More topics we didn't get to!

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