Groups Groups are pre-assigned before the start of class to ensure a proper balance of talents. However, the role and contribution of each team member is up to the team. Accessing contact information for each team member requires a valid Cornell net-id.


Assignments While the course is dedicated to a single, semester-long project, the project itself is broken up into weekly deliverables. These deliverables are organized around a two-week sprint structure that alternates design and documentation with presentation and critique.


Requirements Games developed for this course must meet certain requirements. These requirements exist both to make the game fit the learning outcomes of the course, and to make it feasible to finish the game in a semester. Unless otherwise noted, these requirements are non-negotiable.


Showcase The final exam for this course is a showcase that is open to the public. Part of your grade includes audience response at this showcase. This page provides the details and expectations for this showcase.


CMS This course does not use Canvas. Instead, we use CMS – developed by the CS department – to submit assignments and return grades. Any student officially enrolled in the course has been added to CMS.


CATME Working in large groups is difficult and sometimes contentious. We use CATME to monitor the working conditions in your group, and to decide whether or not we may need to intervene. You will respond to CATMEs as part of your two week reports.