Course Information


Calendar This course (potentially) meets every single day of the week. To help you understand what we are doing on each day, we have organized everything into a single reference calendar. Each day on the calendar includes a link to the apppropriate activity or assignment.

Zoom Link

Zoom Link We only plan to use the Zoom link for the first two weeks of class, while we are forced to be online. Once we return to a normal semester, we will remove this link from the webpage.

Office Hours

Office Hours Because we spend so much classtime working on the project, we find that the students do not typically need that many office hours in this class. However, they are still available to give you help outside of class.


Grading Your grade in this course is largely determined by your grade on the final project. However, to prevent the project from being a high-stakes assessment, there are several other factors that contribute to your grade. We outline them all on this page.

Course FAQ

Course FAQ The structure of this course is very different from most computer science (or even information science) courses. On this page we have gathered together most of of the answers to questions students have answered over the years.

Integrity Policy

Integrity Policy Academic Integrity is much less of an issue in this course than it is in other courses. However, there are some unique issues to game design, so it is important that we make our policy clear.