Assignments are used to break down the project into feasible units. We will continue to post instructions to the assignments all semester long. You should check back in this space at the beginning of each week for the new assignments.

Project Assignments

Project assignments are the core of this course. They are intended to keep you focused towards completion of your game. They include both the intermediate prototypes and the documents that you are expected to prepare throughout the course. Assignments in bold are major deliverables that correspond to a sprint, followed by an in-class presentation.

Assignment Task Deadline
Assignment 0 Team Workflow 1/29/22
Assignment 1 Initial Proposal 2/5/22
Assignment 2 Concept Document 2/12/22
Assignment 3 Nondigital Prototype 2/19/22
Assignment 4 Milestone Document 2/19/22
Assignment 5 Gameplay Specification 2/26/22
Assignment 6 Gameplay Prototype 3/2/22
Assignment 7 Architecture Specification 3/12/22
Assignment 8 Visual Design Specification 3/12/22
Assignment 9 Technical Prototype 3/14/22
Assignment 10 Document Revisions 4/1/22
Assignment 11 Alpha Release 3/28/22
Assignment 12 Promotional Video 4/16/22
Assignment 13 Closed Beta Release 4/18/22
Assignment 14 App Store Page 4/30/22
Assignment 15 Open Beta Release 5/2/22
Assignment 16 Final Document Portfolio 5/14/22
Assignment 17 Golden Master (OPTIONAL) 5/14/22
Assignment 18 GDIAC Showcase 5/21/22

Individual Activities

The individual assignments several the same role as the game labs in 3152. These are individual activities to provide you with a “quick start” in the class. They introduce you to topics well before we cover them in lecture, so that you can already start thinking about them in your game design.

Individual assignments are required of all students. Students enrolled in 4152 will simply receive a pass-fail grade indicating whether or not they successfully attempted the assignment. Students enroll in 5152 will be graded for mastery. Remember that students enrolled in the CS listing must do the programming assignments. Students enrolled in INFO may work on either of the required labs below, but should only submit one lab to be graded.

Activity Required (one only) Deadline
Activity 1 Code: CUGL Design: UI Design 02/03/22
Activity 2 Code: Geometry Design: Scene Graphs 02/10/22
Activity 3 Code: Networking Design: UI Widgets 02/18/22

Two-Week Reports

The two-week reports are intended to help the course staff monitor both group and individual progress over the course of the semester. You are expected to submit a two-week report after every intermediate prototype submission. The two week report is both a short group-written assignment and an individual response on CATME.

Report Task Deadline
Report 1 Gameplay Prototype Report 3/5/22
Report 2 Technical Prototype Report 3/19/22
Report 3 Alpha Release Report 4/2/22
Report 4 Closed Beta Release Report 4/23/22
Report 5 Open Beta Release Report 5/7/22
Report 6 Group Evaluation 5/23/22