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19. Analytic Instrumentation

Now that you know what game analytics is, it is time to think about how you can implement it in your game. While it does reuquire some significant work, it is more feasible than you think it is. You just need a server with a SQL database on it.    Details ›

April 27, 2022 no slides no demos

18. Game Analytics

We used to have a classed called CS/INFO 4154: Analytic-Driven Game Design. The loss of this course was a big blow, as this is really the direction of modern game design. In this lecture we try to touch on some of the topics covered by that course.    Details ›

April 25, 2022 slides no demos

17. NFTs and Games

NFTs are a bit of “the elephant in the room” right now. There is so much conversation about them that we cannot not talk about them. This lecture is an attempt at a clear and honest approach to the material.    Details ›

April 15, 2022 slides no demos

16. Marketing and Business

This lecture will be a guest presentation by John Austin from Gathering Sky. While we will still meet in the classroom (so that we can discuss), he will join us via Zoom.    Details ›

April 13, 2022 no slides no demos

15. Procedural Content

Procedural content is always something that people strive for, because it can make your game infinitely replayable. But as we show in this lecture, this is harder - not easier - than traditional level design.    Details ›

March 23, 2022 slides no demos