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CS 486: Applied Logic Spring 2003

Please submit each problem on a separate piece of paper. This will assist the graders.


Due Date


Problem Set 1
pdf; html

Jan 28
Problem Set 2
pdf; html

Feb 6 pdf; html
Problem Set 3
pdf; html

Feb 13
Problem Set 4
pdf; html

Feb 20
Problem Set 5
pdf; html

Feb 27
Problem Set 6

Mar 6
Problem Set 7
pdf; html

Mar 13
Problem Set 8
pdf; html

Apr 3
Project Proposals
Written (1 page)

Apr 8
Problem Set 9
pdf; html

Apr 17 pdf; html
Problem Set 10
pdf; html

Apr 24 pdf; html
Problem Set 11
pdf; html

May 1 pdf; html

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