All lecture dates and due dates are tentative and subject to change.

date topic reference reading due
19Jan Introduction climateprediction; CT; IIHS release;
Bosch ESC paper; 5th gear segment;
DUC; PageRank paper
C&K 1.1 intro
C&K 1.1 Taylor series
21Jan Approximation and precision numerical disasters; Goldberg on “What every computer scientist should know… C&K 2.1 floating point
C&K 2.2 loss of significance
26Jan Root finding Rainbows and hair scattering; Heath bisection demo C&K 3.1 bisection HW1
28Jan Root finding Heath Newton's method demo C&K 3.2 Newton
2Feb Root finding Heath Secant method demo C&K 3.3 secant HW2
4Feb Project 1: Implicit surfaces
9Feb Interpolation C&K 4.1 polynomial interpolation HW3
11Feb Interpolation C&K 4.2 polynomial errors
16Feb Interpolation errors Heath polynomial convergence and error bound demos
Lomont and Eberly on fast inverse sqrt; a less obscure InvSqrt
C&K 4.3 derivatives
17Feb Prelim I at 7:30pm
18Feb Linear systems code in scalar, vector, matrix form; script 1; script 2 C&K 7.1 naive gauss
23Feb Linear systems pivoting code in vector and matrix; test case; rod simulation movie C&K 7.2 gauss with pivoting
C&K 7.3 special linear systems
25Feb Linear systems C&K 8.1 matrix factorizations
26Feb Implicit surfaces
2Mar Condition numbercondition number script notes HW5
4Mar No class
9Mar Least squares notes; C&K 12.1 least squares
11Mar Least squares notes
16Mar Spring break
18Mar Spring break
23Mar Singular value decompositionTodd Will's SVD tutorial notes HW6
25Mar Project 2: Shadow box
30Mar SVD applicationsmotion blur slides HW7
1Apr Low rank approximation and PCAslides
2Apr Prelim II at 7:30pm
6Apr (Guest lecture)
8Apr Low rank approximationstructure from motion example
13Apr Ordinary differential equationsHeath euler and taylor demos C&K 10.1 taylor methods HW8
15Apr Ordinary differential equationsHeath r-k and collocation demos C&K 10.2 runge-kutta
16Apr Shadow Box
20Apr ODEs | Project 3: Springiesjode; Heath backward euler demo C&K 10.3 (not A-B-M formulas)
22Apr Ordinary differential equationsnotes, Baraff notes C&K 11.1, 11.2, “Remarks about stiff equations” in 11.3
28Apr Data visualization Stevens 1946; Edward Tufte; slides HW9
29Apr Data visualization | Wrapup
1May Springies
11May Final exam at 9:00am