T-Th 9:05
T-Th 11:15
in Olin 155

CS 1110: Introduction to Computing Using Python

Fall 2012


Labs are held every week, during section. You will not be graded on your performance during lab, though you are expected to do them. Up to two labs may be missed; any more unexcused absences and we reserve the right to reduce your course grade (e.g. B goes to B-).

The weekly labs in this class are tentatively listed in the table below. Many of the labs are being revamped, and hence are not yet available. When the lab becomes available, a link below in the Lab column will take you to a page with more instructions.

Lab Topic Reading
Lab 1 Evaluating Expressions Chapters 1 and 2
Lab 2 Using Object APIs The Python Library
Lab 3 Functions and Testing Chapter 3
Lab 4 Strings and Conditionals Chapter 8 (not 8.6, 8.11)
Lab 5 Lists and Asserts Sequence Types
Lab 6 Recursion Exercises Sections 5.8 - 5.10
Lab 7 For-Loops and Classes  
Lab 8 Sublasses Sections 18.7-18.10
Lab 9 Encapsulation and Data  
Lab 10 Loop Exercises  
Lab 11 Loop Invariants  
Lab 12 Timing Performance