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CS 1110: Introduction to Computing Using Python

Fall 2012


November 16th Final Exam Study Guide
November 16th Assignment 7 is Online
November 12th No Lab Week of November 19th
November 1st Preparing for the Exam
November 1st Assignment 6 is Posted
October 12th Assignment 4 is Posted
September 27th Reviewing for Prelim 1
August 23rd We are moving to Olin 155!
August 3rd No Serial Number/Device ID on your iClicker?
August 3rd Register your iClicker, Even if Used
August 3rd Make Extensions Visible on Your PC
August 3rd Textbook is available online

Final Exam Study Guide

We have now posted all of the details about the final. You have a study guide, as well as a list of review sessions that you might want to attend. I highly recommend the Tuesday sessions as those focus on loop invariants and the "required algorithms".

Posted Friday, November 16th

Assignment 7 is Online

The last assignment has been posted. This assignment is due the Monday after classes end, to give you enough time. With that said, get started early. The instructions are here.

Posted Friday, November 16th

No Lab Week of November 19th

Classes are officially over at noon on Wednesday, November 21. Some of you would have had lab at that time. Since I have to cancel lab for some people, it is canceled for everyone.

Posted Monday, November 12th

Preparing for the Exam

This Tuesday is the second prelim in the course. Historically, this prelim is much harder than the first, and I expect it to be that way again. Means and medians will be lower, but my grade-cutoffs will be lower as well.

Go to the exams page for review material. There will be a review session this Sunday in Hollister B14 from 4-6pm.

Posted Thursday, November 1st

Assignment 6 is Posted

The next assignment is a much longer one. Historically, this assignment takes 12-15 hours to complete. You can delay it until after the exam, but if you do you need to be working on a new method each day.

Posted Thursday, November 1st

Assignment 4 is Posted

The next assignment is only a week and a half. This should be enough time at this point in the course. Hopefully you have developed enough experience with Python that you can start working on these faster.

Posted Friday, October 12th

Reviewing for Prelim 1

You should now have enough information to review for the exam. We have a study guide and review slides on the exam page. There are consultants every day this weekend other than Saturday. And this Sunday we have a review sessions from 1-3pm in Olin 155. The review session will discuss the sample problems in the slides.

Posted Thursday, September 27th

We are moving to Olin 155!

Our classroom is too small and CS 1112 has graciously agreed to swap with us. The lectures will start meeting in Olin 155 beginning Tuesday August 28.

Posted Thursday, August 23rd

No Serial Number/Device ID on your iClicker?

The device number, needed to register the clicker, can be recovered by bringing your clicker to (a) the Academic Technology Center Room 123, Computing and Communications Center on the Ag Quad, open 9-5; (b) the ATC's G27 Stimson Hall office near Day Hall, open 12-5; or (c) Walker White's office hours, in between lectures, on Tuesdays and Thursday 10:05-11:05.

Posted Friday, August 3rd

Register your iClicker, Even if Used

To register your device, visit http://atcsupport.cit.cornell.edu/pollsrvc . You will login with your netID and password, and you will need the serial number, or device ID, of your clicker. The device id can be found on the back, perhaps near a "bar code". You may wish to put some invisible tape over the number or write it down somewhere, since the numbers can rub off.

Note that each individual student in CS1110 needs their own clicker. We will use the clickers in class for the first time on Tuesday, August 28. It is important that you have a clicker and register it by that class.

Posted Friday, August 3rd

Make Extensions Visible on Your PC

In order to alleviate a lot of confusion regarding Python files, you should fix your PC so that extensions (like .java and .doc) ALWAYS appear. To do this on Windows, perform the following steps. First, open an explorer window. Use the menu item Tools and click on Folder Options. Finally, click on the view tab and uncheck the box Hide extensions for known file types.

If you use a Macintosh, click the finder icon (the "face") on your Dock to make the Finder menu visible. From the Finder menu, select the Preferences option. Finally, select the Advanced tab and check the box Show all filename extensions.

Posted Friday, August 3rd

Textbook is available online

The textbook that we are using, Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, is licensed under the Creative Commons. That means it is freely available online as either a PDF or an eBook. To get a copy, you should go to the author's webpage.

We realize that not everyone likes eBooks, and that some of your would still like to have a printed copy. For that reason, the campus store is selling a few copies of the print version should you want one.

Posted Friday, August 3rd