T-Th 9:05
T-Th 11:15
in Olin 155

CS 1110: Introduction to Computing Using Python

Fall 2012


The supervising consultants are James Lewis (jyl64) and Stephen McDowell (sjm324).

The consultants are as follows: Madeline Burton (mrb248), Ye An (ya62), Scott Cambo (sac355), Roger Chen (rc554), Susan Duan (zd32), Husam Eldawi (hme36), Celestia Fang (cxf2), Amy Frankhouser (adf53), Nick Gavalas (njg57), Jennifer Goto (jg567), Spandana Govindgari (sg754), Houmin Huang (hh342), Natalie Kim (nk428), Brendan Lee (bl345), Ji Young Lim (jl2494), Julia Littlehale (jsl338), Julia Littlehale (jsl338), Macolm McKinney (mim46), Evan Niederhoffer (emn46), Dan Peng (dp446), Mary Pisaniello (mcp88), Stephanie Schneider (sns74), Leina Sha (ls476), Alice Shan (as2525), Alexander Spitzer (aes368), Shela Wang (sw679), Travis Westura (tsw52), and Chen Yang (cy255).

This schedule will be updated regularly; whenever there is a change. Hours can change on a weekly basis, depending on what is going on in the course that week (for instance, if an assignment is due or not), so please check here first.

Consulting hours are held whenever there is a time slot listing a consultant's name (do not try to attend something called "Consultant meeting"), and are located in the ACCEL lab green room.