Computing and Information Science




Annual Report


Message from the Dean for Computing and Information Science (CIS)
Message from the Chair of the Department of Computer Science (CS)
Computing and Information Science Highlights
Computer Systems Laboratory (CSL) with the School of Electrical
and Computer Engineering (ECE)

Digital Libraries and the National Science Digital Library (NSDL)
The Information Assurance Institute (IAI)
The Intelligent Information Systems Institute (IISI)
Connections with the Cornell Theory Center (CTC)
Research in Computer Science at Cornell
Computer Architecture and Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI)
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Computational Biology
Database Systems
Languages and Compilation
Computer Graphics
Operating Systems, Networks, and Distributed Computing
Scientific and Parallel Computing
Theory of Computing
Corporate Interactions
Programs of the Faculty of Computing and Information Science (CIS)
Computational Biology
Computational Science and Engineering (CS&E)
Digital Arts and Graphics (DA&G)
Information Science
Bits on Our Minds (BOOM)
New Faculty
Faculty and Senior Researcher Profiles
Alumni Relations
Computer Science Courses
Research Grants

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