Research Grants


FUNDED RESEARCH Computing and Information Science/Computer Science

Investigator Sponsor Award (dollars) Title
Arms NSF 799,085 The National Science Digital Library (NSDL) Central System
Birman AFOSR 427,608 A Testbed for Highly-scalable Mission-critical Information Systems (DURIP)
Birman DARPA/AFRL 288,000 Scalable Data Redundancy for Network-centric Military Applications
Birman/Constable DARPA/AFRL 3,839,383 Spinglass Adaptive Probabilistic Tools for Advanced Networks
Birman/Gehrke/Demers AFOSR 4,000,000 Scalable Technology for a New Generation of Collaboration Applications
Cardie NSF/POWRE 68,695 Integrating Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval for Intelligent Text-processing
Cardie DARPA/ONR 948,169 Rapidly Portable Translingual Information Extraction and Interactive Multidocument Summarization
Cardie MITRE Corp 61,743 ARDA–NRRC Workshop
Cardie NSF 500,000 Reducing the Corpus Annotation Bottleneck for Natural Language Learning
Constable NSF 283,975 Educational Innovation: Creating and Evaluating Formal Courseware for Mathematics and Computing
Constable NSF 20,800 U.S.-Germany Cooperative Research: Enhancing Proof Assistant Systems
Constable DARPA/AF 2,004,156 An Open Logical Programming Environment: A Practical Framework for Sharing Formal Models
Constable ONR 1,938,148 Building Interactive Digital Libraries of Formal Algorithmic Knowledge
Constable NSF 300,000 Innovative Programming Technology for Embedded Systems
Department NSF 1,331,298 CISE Research Infrastructure: A Next Generation Computing and Communications Substrate
Elber NSF 465,742 Kinetics of Ion Channels by Atomically Detailed Computer Simulations
Elber NIH 943,467 Long Time Dynamics of Biomolecules
Gehrke AFRL 735,000 Flexible Decision Support in Device-saturated Environments—SenseIT
Gehrke NSF 235,000 Interactive and Online Data Mining
Gehrke NSF 210,000 Scalable Decision Tree Construction
Gehrke Lockheed Martin 25,000 Intelligent Data Cleansing Technologies
Gehrke NSF 340,000 CAREER: Towards Sensor Database Systems
Gehrke Sloan 40,000 Sloan Research Fellowship
Gehrke/Demers KDD thru NSF 760,000 Distributed Mining and Monitoring
Gehrke Microsoft 35,000 Monitoring the Tsunami—A Light-Weight DBMS and Stream Processor for Sensor Devices
Gehrke/Sirer/Shanmugasundaram Microsoft 70,878 Query Caching and Routing for Mobile Ad Hoc Clients in the .Net Framework
NSF 907,320 ITR: Massively Convergent Distributed Computing
Ginsparg NSF 958,798 E-Print Archive
Gomes AFRL 3,100,000 Intelligent Information Systems Institute
Halpern ONR 433,962 Semantic Consistency in Information Exchange
Halpern ONR 526,058 Software Quality and Infrastructure Protection for Diffuse Computing
Halpern AFOSR 322,788 Formulating and Reasoning About Security Policies
Halpern ONR 354,763 A Logical Foundation for Reasoning About Security
Halpern NSF 300,000 Towards Improved Logics For Reasoning About Security
Hopcroft/Selman NSF 30,000 ITR: Emerging Communities in Large Linked Networks: Theory Meets Practice
Joachims Google 58,223 Learning Metrics and Learning Ranking Functions, and Transductive Text Classification
Kleinberg Packard 625,000 Algorithmic Methods for Networks
Kleinberg/Lee/Cardie/Selman NSF ITR 450,000 The Construction and Analysis of Information Networks
Kozen NSF 210,000 Kleene Algebra
Kreitz NSF 285,000 Proof Automation in Constructive Type Theory
Lagoze Digital Library Federation 177,467 Open Archives Initiative
Lagoze NSF 255,700 Metadata for Resource Discovery of Multimedia Digital Objects Harmony
Lagoze NSF 291,650 Integrating and Navigating Eprint Archives through Citation-linking
Lagoze Univ of Virginia/Mellon Found. 495,325 The Open Source FEDORA Repository Development Project
Lee Sloan 40,000 Sloan Research Fellowship
Morrisett Sloan 35,000 Sloan Research Fellowship
Morrisett NSF 205,000 CAREER: Design, Applications, and Foundations of Safe Low Level Program Languages
Morrisett AFOSR/PECASE 1,000,000 Next Generation Systems Languages
Myers NSF 349,999 CAREER: Practical Language-Based End-to-end Security
Myers Sloan 40,000 Sloan Research Fellowship
Myers NSF 330,000 End-to-end Integrity and Confidentiality for Distributed Systems
Pingali NSF 190,993 MATLAB Extensions and Compiler Techniques for High Performance Computing
Pingali NSF 548,314 Synthesis of Block-recursive Codes for Deep Memory Hierarchies
Pingali NSF 236,826 A Framework for Developing Complex Applications on High-End Petaflop-class Machines
Pingali NSF 590,000 ITR/SY: A New Framework for Program Optimization
Schneider AFOSR 2,050,000 AFRL/Cornell Information Assurance Institute
Schneider AFOSR 592,657 CIPIAF for Information Assurance Institute
Schneider AFOSR 4,138,325 AFRL/Cornell Information Assurance Institute
Schneider Microsoft 150,000 Information Assurance Institute
Schneider Intel 73,000 Research on Language-based Security
Schneider/Myers DARPA/AF 2,709,784 Containment and Integrity for Mobile Code
Schneider/Morrisett AFOSR 844,408 Language-based Security for Extensible Systems
Schneider/Morrisett AFOSR 471,107 Trust in Security-policy Enforcement Mechanisms
Schneider/Morrisett/Kozen/Myers ONR 4,247,977 Language-based Security for Malicious Mobile Code
Selman Sloan 35,000 Sloan Research Fellowship
Selman NSF 300,000 CAREER: Compute Intensive Methods for AI
Selman/Gomes AFRL 550,000 Principled Analysis and Synthesis of Agent Systems Using Tools from Statistical Physics
Selman/Gomes DARPA/AF 1,426,881 Controlling Computational Cost: Structure, Phase Transitions, and Randomization
Sengers NSF 500,000 CAREER: Using Cultural Theory to Design Everyday Computing
Sirer Microsoft 105,589 Assuring the Security of Components in the .Net Framework
Tardos NSF 249,559 Algorithmic Issues in Communication Networks
Tardos DARPA/ONR 256,212 Efficient Algorithms for Transportation in Dynamic Networks
Tardos ONR 1,176,548 Algorithmic Issues in Network Design and in Information Access
Tardos/Zabih NSF 300,000 ITR/SY: Combinatorial Optimization Algorithms for Information Access
Van Loan NSF 247,874 New Applications and Algorithms that Involve the Kronecker Product
Vogels Microsoft 20,000 High-Performance Computing using SSCLI
Vogels Microsoft 15,000 CollabNet
Vogels/Gehrke/Shanmugasundaram Microsoft 175,000 Distributed Systems Support for the Global Real Time Enterprise
Yona Bio & Life Sciences 48,658 Global Self-organization of the Protein Space: Towards a Map of the Protein Space
Yona NSF 1,103,917 CAREER: Global Self-organization of all Known Proteins—Toward a Complete Map of the Protein Space

TOTAL EXPENDITURES for Fiscal Year 2002–2003: $14,600,000

Collaborative Research at Cornell

Investigator Sponsor Award (dollars) Title
Arms/Krafft/Lagoze/Eng Library NSF 1,637,500 Collaborative Project: Core Integration of the National SMETE Digital Library
Arms/Krafft/Lagoze/Eng Library NSF 8,745,453 Collaborative Project: Core Integration—Leading NSDL Toward Long-term Success
Coleman/TC TG Information Network 840,000 Financial Engineering and Tools
Coleman/TC NYS 1,200,000 Theory Center Operational Support FY2003
Coleman/TC KYNEX 20,000 Numerical Pricing of Bonds
Coleman/TC WOTN 390,000 Sublicense Agreement
Coleman/TC Aximetric Inc. 30,000 Aximetric Inc. Collaboration Agreement
Coleman/TC SKG 157,750 Development Agreement
Department/TC/CURIE/Summer College GE 200,000 Program Continuum for Attracting and Retaining Women to/in CS Studies for Information Technology Careers
Elber/Kleinberg/Chew/Kedem/MGB NSF 899,000 Multiscale Hierarchical Analysis of Protein Structure and Dynamics
Elber/BSCB anonymous 361,113 Two-track Program in Computational Biology and Medicine (CBM) as a Part of the Tri-institutional Research
Lagoze/Comm/Olin Library NSF 2,425,899 Security and Reliability in Component-based Digital Libraries
Pingali/TC NSF 1,500,000 CISE Research Infrastructure: A Two-tier Computation and Visualization Facility for Multiscale Problems
Pingali/Vavasis/Chew/TC/Phy NSF ITR 5,035,425 Adaptive Software for Field-driven Simulations
Selman/Gomes/ECE DARPA 109,736 Configuring Wireless Transmission and Decentralized Data Processing for Generic Sensor Networks
Selman/Gomes/M&AE AFOSR MURI 258,567 Cooperative Control in Uncertain Adversarial Environments
Sirer/Gehrke/Demers/ECE NSF 410,000 The Ad Hoc Classroom: Integrating Emerging Wireless Communications and Networking Technologies into Mainstream Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Curricula
Yona/BioSciences NSF 1,000,000 CRCNS: Modeling Pathfinding and Target Recognition in the Olfactory System

Submitted Grant Proposals

Investigator Sponsor Amount (dollars) Title
Birman/Myers NSF sub of U Virginia 2,852,000 ITR: Center for Securing Computation in Physical World Applications
Constable DARPA sub of Boeing 380,000 Model-driven Generation of Verifiable Distributed Real-time Embedded Systems
Constable NSF 499,892 Enabling Large Scale Coherency Among Mathematical Texts in the NSDL
Elber ACS-PRF 80,000 Molecular Dynamic Simulations of EPR Spectra in Proteins
Elber Sloan 120,000 Computational Studies of the R to T transition in Hemoglobin
Elber/Joachims NIH 1,692,032 Optimization of Folding and Threading Proteins
Gehrke NSF 363,757 Processing Set-valued Query Results over Data Streams
Gehrke NSF 500,000 SENSORS: Data-driven Sensor Networks
Gehrke/Shanmugasundaram NSF 2,221,695 ITR: On Queries and Privacy in P2P Data Sharing Systems
Joachims NSF 400,000 CAREER: Improving Information Access by Learning from User Interactions
Lee/Kleinberg NSF 449,897 Graph-Based Approaches to Text Processing
Pingali DARPA sub of IBM 510,000 PERCS: Phase II
Shanmugasundaram NSF 406,750 CAREER: Towards Unifying Database Systems and Information Retrieval Systems
Shanmugasundaram/Gehrke AFRL 41,000 ORIS: Peer to Peer Object Repository with Integrated Security
Tardos NSF 150,000 Approximation Algorithms and Applications in Network Games
Warner/Lagoze NSF 300,000 Collaborative Project: Extension of the OAI–PMH Metadata Harvesting Framework to Peer-to-peer Networks
Yona NSF 3,952,416 ITR: A Comprehensive Protein and DNA Characterization, Classification, and Management Database System: From Genes to Families, Pathways, and Organisms

Submitted Collaborative Research at Cornell

Investigator Sponsor Amount (dollars) Title
Arms/Kleinberg/Ginsparg/Physics NSF 14,988,311 ITR: Untangling the Web
Cardie/Human Development NSF 3,688,726 ITR: Addressing Child Language Data Annotation Challenges in a Virtual Linguistic Lab Using Weakly Supervised Natural Language Learning
Caruana/TC NSF 379,999 Multi-algorithm Parallel Optimization of Costly Functions
Coleman/TC TG Information Network 675,000 Financial Engineering and Tools
Coleman/TC USDA 232,180 Computation Agriculture Initiative
Molecular Med/M&AE/
NSF 3,338,800 IGERT: Program in Nonlinear Systems
Rooth/Linguistics NSF 1,229,736 Detection of Linguistic Events Using Statistical Parse Forest Algorithms and Treebank-aligned Feature Constraint Grammars
Sirer/Tardos/ECE NSF 3,797,452 ITR: An Integrated Approach to Designing Very Large Scale Networks
NSF 3,659,186 ITR: Networks of Strategic Agents: Theory and Algorithms