Corporate Interactions

CS faculty members, researchers, and graduate students are conducting leading-edge research in architecture, artificial intelligence, computational biology, databases and digital libraries, languages and compilation, graphics, operating systems, networks and distributed computing, scientific and parallel computing, security, and theory of computing (see research summaries). CIS, a university initiative that includes CS, encourages and sponsors interactions with university researchers in interdisciplinary programs including information science and computational biology. Our relationships with corporate partners provide many opportunities for collaboration.

We realize that a true partnership results in mutual satisfaction and gain. Toward this end, we invite our corporate partners to appoint a corporate contact who will work with CIS to build a strategic corporate–CIS partnership, build strong personal relationships on campus, or organize recruiting activities on campus for CS undergraduate and graduate students.

CIS welcomes corporate partners to make unrestricted donations in support of department initiatives, make research grants to individual faculty and researchers, give matching funds to NSF or other granting agencies, create fellowships for graduate students, provide equipment grants, startup funds for new faculty, support for BOOM (Bits on Our Minds, which showcases our student technology work), or course-development grants.

We welcome corporate partners’ researchers to the department for long- and short-term visits to work with individual faculty members and research groups. The aforementioned research areas and two institutes, The Information Assurance Institute, and the Intelligent Information Systems Institute, as well as affiliated programs in computational biology, digital arts and graphics, information science, and computational science and engineering, are available to joint researchers on a case-by-case basis.

The Department of Computer Science at Cornell is typically ranked among the top five computer science departments internationally and includes CS faculty members and researchers continued collaborations with the following corporate partners, whose financial contributions support our educational and research missions.

Credit Suisse First Boston and Microsoft sponsored Bits On Our Minds (BOOM) this past March. The General Electric Fund is providing support to identify new programs and approaches to increase the number of women and minorities in computer science. Green Hills Software provided support for the ACSU programming contest.

Hewlett Packard donated equipment to Professor Gün Sirer to facilitate the integration of interactive wireless technology with teaching.

IBM provided the 2002 Faculty Partnership Award for Professor Jayavel Shanmugasundaram. Intel supported undergraduate teaching labs and provided a fellowship to Ph.D. student Dan Grossman. Intel also supported Professors Gehrke and Shanmugasundaram’s scalable-sensor data-management project.

Microsoft supported several faculty and senior researcher projects, including Werner Vogels’s distributed systems effort; Professor Johannes Gehrke’s work on query caching and routing, and research on a light-weight DBMS and stream processor for sensor devices; and Professor Gün Sirer’s research “Assuring the Security of Components in the .NET Framework”. Microsoft also provided a fellowship for Ph.D. candidate Ranveer Chandra, and support for the Information Assurance Institute and the CIS curriculum.

PricewaterhouseCoopers provided support to the CS Undergraduate Computing Association.

Verizon provided support for a CS graduate fellowship.

■ 37 faculty members
■ 19 full-time research associates
■ 110 Ph.D. candidates
■ 100 M.Eng. candidates
■ 200 undergraduate majors graduating each year

Gifts and Grants
CS is grateful for the support, including equipment and software, provided by our industrial partners.

Credit Suisse First Boston $7,500
Google, Inc. $58,223
Green Hills Software, Inc. $1,600
Hewlett Packard $20,000
IBM $40,000
Intel Foundation $102,363
Microsoft Corporation $386,950
PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP $1,000
Verizon $10,000

CIS is also grateful for gifts from the following partners:

Microsoft Corporation $250,878
McGraw Hill $4,000

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