Send me email at My office in Gates Hall is 411A. I share lots of code on GitHub. You probably shouldn’t follow me on Twitter. Follow @sigarch instead!

Here’s my mailing address:

Adrian Sampson
Cornell University
411A Gates Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-7501

Here are some answers to common questions.

I have questions CS 3410 in spring 2021.

Please see Prof. Bracy’s FAQ about enrollment. If you’re already in the course, please post questions on Ed.

Can you send me the slides for a talk you gave?

There are links to my talks in my conference paper list. There are PDF versions there, and I can also send you Keynote files if you email me. I don’t have PowerPoint files.

If you’re presenting a paper in a reading group, I’d love to hear a summary of the discussion!

I’m a Cornell undergraduate, and I’m curious about getting involved in research.

Yay! Please check out my research group’s instructions for prospective undergraduate researchers. We really enjoy collaborating with talented Cornell undergrads.

I’m one of your undergraduate advisees. Can you meet up so I can ask you some questions or get a form signed?

I’d be happy to! Please pick a time. Please send any forms along before you schedule the meeting.

Before you do, though, I should warn you that if your question is about course requirements, graduation logistics, and the like, I’m not the best person to ask—our undergraduate advisors are the true experts. For example, that office signs part 2 of the A&S application to graduate (this policy supersedes the college’s advice that your faculty advisor should sign it). You can reach them in Gates 110 or at

I’m applying to grad school soon, and I’m interested in doing research with you!

Fantastic! I’m thrilled that you’re interested in the same kinds of hardware–software abstraction problems that I am. Cornell is a great place to do a Ph.D. in computer science.

Please apply to the Ph.D. program at Cornell CS or in ECE. I’ll look forward to reading your application to either department.

We have a department-wide collective admissions process, which means that I can’t say anything useful about your chances for acceptance. Our programs are very competitive, however, so be sure to apply to multiple schools.

I’m looking for a summer research internship.

I can’t consider internship applications from non-Cornell students right now. (That includes “self-funded” applicants.) I hope you find a great internship with another group!

However, I am interested in working undergraduates from underrepresented groups via the DREU and LSAMP programs. Please consider applying to one of those if you are eligible.

May we “repost” the text of one of your blog posts on our site?

I’m glad you’re interested in the article! But copies of blog posts on sites I don’t control make it impossible for me to correct mistakes or add updates in the future. Please don’t “repost” anything.

Can you send me your bio, photo, and CV?

Here’s a short bio and photo, and here’s my CV.