The Core Software

Getting Horus


Horus, both binaries and sources, are available by ftp. However, there is a snag: they are securely encrypted, and you'll need to get the decryption key. Read the instructions on how to obtain access to the distribution. We are currently working hard on getting Horus documentation of the ground. From the Documentation page you can follow links to documentation that describes how to configure and compile Horus, and what the Horus interfaces look like. The documentation is indexed to give quick acces to what you want to know.

Related Software Packages

Horus Object Tools


Alexey Vaysburd has developed the Horus Object Tools (HOT), which implement Abstract Data Types for MUTS objects, Horus group members, and clients/servers with intergated state transfer. Silvano Maffeis is the designer of Electra -- a CORBA Object Request Broker for reliable distributed systems, which exploits the capabilities of Horus.

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