This page holds some links to other projects or research groups doing work related to the work going on in the Horus group. We are aware that this is only a very small subset of the actual work going on, and apologize for all the omissions. If you have a link that you think should belong here please let us know.

Related projects at Cornell

Projects on reliable group communications

in more or less "alphabetic" order

  • Amoeba project at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.
  • Mars project at the Technical Universiy of Vienna.
  • Navigators project at INESC, Lisbon.
  • NewTop/Arjuna at the University of Newcastle, UK.
  • Phoenix at EPFL, Lausanne.
  • Rampart at AT&T Bell Labs
  • Relacs at the University of Bologna.
  • RMP at the University of West Virginia.
  • The Team project at the University of California, San Diego.
  • Totem at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
  • Transis project at the Hebrew University.

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