Privacy in the Digital Age - CS 5436 / INFO 5303

This course surveys the current state of digital privacy from multiple perspectives, including technology, law, policy, and ethics. Cases to be studied are online tracking, surveillance and Internet censorship, big data, privacy engineering, Internet of Things, and location privacy. Each module will include a session devoted to relevant technologies in addition to a session devoted to ethical, social, and policy analysis.


Textbook: Nissenbaum. "Privacy in Context".


Jan 24. Course overview.
Jan 29. Concepts of privacy. Jan 31. Fundamentals of the Web. Feb 5. Web tracking. Feb 7. Contextual integrity. Feb 12. Contextual integrity (cont'd).
Feb 14. Mobile and cross-device tracking. Feb 21. Privacy engineering. Feb 26. "Beauty and the Burst" (guest: Roei Schuster).
Feb 28. Contextual integrity (cont'd).
Mar 5. Contextual integrity exercise.
Mar 7. Anonymization and re-identification. Mar 12. Technical definitions of privacy.
Mar 14. Differential privacy. Mar 19. U.S. legal landscape. Mar 26. Obfuscation. Mar 28. The Fourth Amendment (guest: Andrew Selbst). Apr 9. Researching privacy attitudes (guest: Kirsten Martin). Apr 11. Network security.
Apr 16. SSL/TLS.
Apr 18. Tor and anonymity networks.
Apr 23. Privacy policies. Apr 25. Privacy policies (cont'd). Apr 30. Location privacy. May 2. Machine learning meets privacy.
May 7. Genetic privacy. May 9. Ten things you should take away from this class.




Spring 2018
Mon Wed 3:20p - 4:35p
Helen Nissenbaum

Vitaly Shmatikov

TA: Nirvan Tyagi